Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wedding Weekend, Birmingham-style!

I'm back (and exhausted) from an event-filled weekend in Birmingham, for the wedding of Justin and Marcie! Marcie was a beautiful bride, and did a great job planning everything to a tee. The ceremony was so sweet - she sniffled through the whole thing - and the reception was so much fun. And though I was a little unsure of strutting my moves on the dance floor in front of all the guests, the "girlfriend dance" she taught us was the hit of the night! I didn't take many pictures since her awesome photographer took lots throughout the day, but here are a few teasers...

At the rehearsal dinner with my hot date - what a view of the city!

B&A Warehouse - a fabulous sight for a reception (pardon the poor photo quality - I desperately need a new camera!)

The beautiful - and sassy - Mrs. Marcie Morris!

All smiles and thinking - holy cow, we're next!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world!!!!!!!! I am so pumped you decided to join us!!! It is so cute!!!!!

  2. Thanks Callen! I'm still feeling my way through it, but I'm just glad to have some way to remember this fun time! Hope you guys had an awesome trip!

  3. awww looks like a great time! i love weddings! :)

  4. Love the bridesmaids dresses and Marcie looked gorgeous!!! Don't you love B&A Warehouse? The Farrah Banquet was awesome there!


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