Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Take A Seat!

I admit, I have a thing for linens. And these little chair cover beauties make me want to throw a party just to rent them. Too bad the company that carries these is based in California. That would be one hefty shipping fee. But wow, what a way to make an impact at your next party!

Because purple is my favorite color. Period.

How cute would this be for a baby shower or little girl's birthday party? So very.

Totally bridal. Reminds me of the bustling on a wedding dress!

Roll Tide.

Aqua and Awesome in every way.

The rosettes - how regal!

One of my favorite combos - black, white, and lemon yellow!

Perfectly polka.

Darling damask.

So very springtime!

Wildflower Linen - won't you please come to Nashville?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Temptation Tuesday: Travel Edition

It's time I introduce you to one of my favorite fellow blogettes - Miss Kriss. She is an absolute doll and has a wedding rapidly approaching in the Grand Cayman Islands that I have a feeling is going to be the party of the century. Once you start reading her blog, you'll see why. She is just the definition of F.U.N. Anyway, she has a great little thing she does each week called Temptation Tuesday, and because I've got so many fantastic places on the brain for where I'd like to travel in the next months and years, I thought I'd tempt you with these lovely locales as well. So with that in mind, I present to you:

The Travel Edition

First up, we have this absolutely jaw-dropping setting. Some call it the Greek Isles, I call it heaven. I want to see it all - Santorini, Oia, Mykonos, Crete - you name it. And the food? Opa my goodness! Don't even get me started. Mediterranean cuisine is probably one of my favorites. And P.S. don't even think about going over to VABelle's blog to see her honeymoon recap unless you want to hunt her down and make her share the exact itinerary with you. That girl hit all the best spots, and her photos are just swoon-worthy. If I didn't like her so much, I'd hate her a little. But I like her so much. I mean this is an exact photo of the place she stayed, people. I know, I thought it was a postcard too.

Santorini. Seriously. I am SO going.

Next up is a place I've been wanting to go ever since I discovered vino. We're talking Wine Country, my friends, and oh yes, it's going to happen...preferrably in the fall. Something about visiting this part of California is just so alluring and romantic to me. I picture the hubs and me renting a car, a jeep actually, and driving all over Napa and Sonoma. And smashing grapes with my toes is SO on my bucket list.

Behold the wine country.

Another little jewel that I sometimes forget I want to visit and then all of a sudden remember and proceed to internet stalk until I happen to check the airfare and realize it's impossible to get to for less than a $600 plane ticket is none other than Key West. Say it with me, Nashville airport: "Direct Flight."

Key West

Annnnnnnd while we're on the subject, I'd really like to stay at the Casa Marina Resort, which just so happens to be under the Waldorf Astoria umbrella. Please and thank you, lottery gods.

Perhaps one of my most favorite cities in all of the contintentals is none other than Charleston. It's so southern and chic at the same time. And I'm a sucker for a great bed and breakfast.

Charleston, S.C.

Yes, I'll take a view of the battery while the sun sets over the Atlantic. Yes, I would like lemon in my sweet tea. And no, please don't call me ma'am.

Okay, that's enough temptation for this Tuesday. Sister's got some trip planning to do!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hello, my little blogettes! Yes, that is my new name for you lovely gals - don't you love it? Me too. Continuing with the beloved subject of food (since it seems to be such a popular one!), Mr. T and I just booked a weekend getaway to one of my favorite locations in the land - in the spring/summer that is - (once the frigid winter passes, this southern gal doesn't do temps under 30 degrees, thank you very much). Wait for it...


The sights...the shopping...the restaurants!!! Mr. T is in charge of the hotel accommodations (in progress) and the Cubs tickets (just got them in the mail), and I have appointed myself in charge of the overwhelming but absolutely divine restaurant scene. Yes honey, I know you are perfectly capable of seeking out the perfect place for us to dine, but I'm kindof a control freak in this category so don't worry your handsome little head about it and you just leave it to me, umkay?

So thanks to some good friends' suggestions and a little Facebook poll, here are just five of several potential pit stops we could be making in the Windy City. More research (and your input, if you have any to share) will determine who makes the cut!

The Publican
Claim to Fame: "Best New Restaurant in 2009" -- TimeOut Chicago

Claim to Fame: "Top 50 Best New Restaurants in America" - Travel & Leisure

Signature Room
Claim to Fame: Um, hel-LO? That incredible view of the city, of coure!

Ginos East
Claim to Fame: The Best Deep Dish Pizza in Town, in a highly contested ongoing competition!

Rockit Bar & Grill
Claim to Fame: Best Sports Bar AND Best Burger in Town - Chicago Scene Magazine

Oh and lest I forget, Rockit just so happens to have opened a new location in Wrigleyville, just sniffing distance from this little place...

I'm already humming "Take Me Out To The BallGame" in my head...

Any other suggestions on some can't miss out cuisine?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Self-Confessed Foodie, Party of One

Hello, my name is Lillian and I am a self-confessed foodie. Deal with it. There are few things that excite me more than discovering a new take on a favorite dish or an under the radar restaurant moments before it becomes the next big thing, and then taking complete and total satisfaction when I get to tell just the right person about just the right occasion to try it out. It's like matchmaking on a whole new food-loving level. Don't believe me? Just watch me go...

A romantic night with your sweetheart in an intimate setting but without the agonizing wait? Cafe Nonna, without a doubt. Best brunch in town for the budget conscious? Germantown Cafe or Marche, with Le Peep also in the running (I do love a good brunch). Celebrating a recent success and want a fancy meal without the pretentious servers? Eastland Cafe or The Red Pony are two of my current faves. Okay wow, I just realized three of those six have "Cafe" in the name. Perhaps I'm French at heart? Hmmm... Oh and speaking of French cuisine, I just discovered the cutest little place off Charlotte called Miel (located behind Bobbie's Dairy Dip, to be exact, which by the way has the best ice cream dip cones you've ever tasted) that I can't wait to try. Some good BBQ before hitting Broadway? Jack's BBQ, all the way. Just want cocktails and a delicious dessert? Mad Platter. Bananas Foster. Thank me later.

OK, so now that you know of my love affair with the Nashville restaurant scene, it's time I turn your attention to the next best thing you need to know about - the Viking Cooking School. It is located in the Factory in Franklin, and it is one of my new favorite ways to spend a Sunday afternoon. Mr. T, being the thoughtful and wonderful husband that he is, treated me to a couples' class called "Date Night in Sicily." The boy knows me well, as what could be more fun and romantic to cook together than Italian? Um, have you SEEN Lady and The Tramp? Spaghetti is meant to be shared, people!

A cook's dream kitchen. Viking appliances out the wazoo. And check out the mirror so you can see a hands-on demo. I've never felt more like Giada in my life.

Doesn't Mr. T look cute in an apron?

Behold, our Sicilian feast! Buenissimo.

Grilled Endive and Radicchio - who knew you could grill lettuce? Try it. Trust me.

Roasted Red Pepper Bruschetta with HOMEMADE fresh mozzarella. Yum-mo!

The Mother of All Spaghettis - Spaghetti Alla Norma.

With Carolyn, our wonderful teacher and chef!

Just a couple of happy (and very full) cooks in the kitchen. Cheers!

Oh and be sure and check out Nola Girl's blog today for an awesome food-inspired giveaway. But please know that I will fight you if one of you wins and I don't. I need this fabulous book in my life, people!

Bon Appetit, my sweets!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Those Summer Nights

(And yes, in my head, I sang this in my falsetto and I sounded JUST like Olivia Newton John.)

Well hellooooooooooo summer, I see we have decided to just bypass spring this year. With back to back days of over 80 degrees here in Nashville, methinks it is time to pull the swimsuits out of hibernation and deal with the fact that that it is about that time. Now I don't know about you, but I feel like I am entitled to buy a new swimsuit each summer, and I honestly and truly have the best luck at my beloved Target. Let us pause and pay our tribute to this wonderful jewel of a store...Maestro, cue the hallelujah chorus, please.

So imagine my delight when while browsing the store, I discovered this handy little dandy...(come on, you know the pink color is too cute - even for a non-pink wearer like myself).

Which got me thinking I should do some of this...

Because I'd love to have a garden full of these...

And definitely a few of these darlings...

That I can enjoy looking at while Mr. T does some of this on our fancy new grill (thanks, groomsmen! Not that any of you read my blog, ahem, Neil)...

While toasting my brilliant grillmaster of a husband with one of these after a long day's work...

Now that, my friends, is pure summertime perfection. Let the dog days begin.

How have you guys been enjoying this gawgeous weather?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Call Me! (aka my quest for the perfect calling card)

So I've decided the time has come for me to stop listening to the voice that tells me X amount is too much to pay for beautiful new calling cards and just bite the bullet and purchase some already. Besides, I love seeing things with my new married name on it. (Newlyweds, can I get an "amen" on that?) Every so often I'm finishing up after a work event or out and about around town and the subject comes up that I'm an event planner. And occasionally, folks mention their need (or a friend that has a need) for help in planning an upcoming party/shower/special occasion/etc. So now I'll have a fancy new card to whip out and share!

Here's the problem...hel-lo, there are so many beauties out there! I found some on Etsy that I fell head over heels in love with, and then, as luck would have it, discovered they were way more expensive than my most expensive pair of shoes! Worth it? Maybe. Gonna do it? Possibly. Will I get a headrush when I see how awesome they turn out? Totally.

Any suggestions on other places to look, my lovelies?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter in Virginia

Tomorrow, Mr. T and I will be taking the six hour drive to Virginia to visit his folks. Now that may not sound like a terribly long time in the car to you, but I get as fidgety as a five year old after the third hour. Why can't there be a direct flight into Blacksburg? I would totally splurge. Anyway, I must say, I have completely lucked out in the in-law department and absolutely love mine! My mother in law (MIL to keep it short) is an amazing cook, and goes all out when we come to town with made from scratch desserts, homemade mac and cheese (my favorite) and her famous lemonade slush. And yes, they are all as good as they sound. I had to behave on our last visit at Thanksgiving and try not to gorge myself for fear of not fitting in my dress, so this weekend, I'm planning to thoroughly enjoy every calorie-laden bite - there will be no "oh a small sliver of pie will be fine" from this mouth!

Not only is my MIL great in the kitchen, she's great to be around in general. I remember thinking the first time I met her that because Mr. T was her youngest baby boy, she would probably be a bit, um, territorial. But she couldn't have been more welcoming and more wonderful to me, and after I told Mr. T what my fears had been on the way back from our first trip, I'll never forget him saying "what did you think she would do, give me a sponge bath every night before bedtime?" Not exactly, but I did kind of envision catching the stinkeye from her whenever he went to hold my hand or something. Totally didn't happen. And I totally love her. And just check out how much Mr. T favors her - aren't they a good looking mother and son? She looks so proud of him in this picture. Makes my heart smile. :)

My goal is to return with several of her recipes, so I can make a feeble attempt at some of the same heavenly creations she has perfected. Now that we've got our patio furniture and the warm sunshine is beckoning us outside, I'm thinking there are many alfresco dinners in our future!

Happy Easter!!

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