Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Because I Love Barns

So...our wedding date is set for January 2, 2010, and I'm finally warming up to being a winter bride (pun intended). But if Craig and I weren't such big football fans (and our work schedules allowed) we would do an early fall wedding instead. And I would be all over a reception like this one.

Can't you just feel the sunlight streaming through those 2' x 4's? Love it! And the rustic decor is fantastic.

Love the use of hay and wheatgrass. And what I would do to use that chandelier. But would guests be sneezing all night? I'm a girl with allergies, so I have to wonder...

And an outdoor bar set up like this one has me swooning. It would be even better to carve the initials into the pumpkins, and light them from the inside with candles.

But I AM beginning to love the details involved in a winter wedding. Less demand for dates = more willingness from vendors to make it happen, for one thing. Ability to have some fun with a friend's fur stole for the farewell? Check. More flexibility on venues? Check. Maximizing on decor already in place from the holidays? Check. Using candlelight galore? Triple check. See, I can find the positives. :)

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  1. I love the idea of having a fur stole! Mrs. Champagne on weddingbee had a gorgeous wedding last February. Check out her archived posts for more inspiration. Winter is SOOO romantic!


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