Friday, October 30, 2009


Cutest. Halloween Card. Ever.

Melissa, you win my "most creative friend" award!

Happy halloween, friends!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I escaped at Escape!

Now that is just some marketing genius, right there. Clearly I'm in the wrong profession and should be an advertising copywriter. Can't you just see a bumper sticker with "I escaped at Escape Day Spa" on it? I guess you need a little background though, right?

Again, let it be said that this post is to brag on Mr. T. I know you all are probably bored to tears by my public pats on his back for all the sweet things he does, but like I've said before, this is my blog, and my way to remember all the little moments in my life, and it just so happens that I happen to have a very thoughtful fiance that deserves to know how much I appreciate him. And truth be told, I also like to document these little things he does for me so that one day, if needed, I can use them against him when those little gestures are fewer and farther in between, so I can say "Remember how you used to do ____? Oh you don't? Well here's my blog post so that I can refresh your memory." Not that I expect to EVER have to do that. But just in case. :)

So last Friday, Craig and I both took the day off for a much-deserved mental health day after both of us had gone through quite possibly the craziest few weeks of the year at our jobs. I wanted to have no agenda, no itinerary, and just let the day fall as it may, but who are we kidding, I'm a planner to my core so I had mapped out a few errands (mostly wedding-related) for us to check off. One thing I did not bank on was Mr. T's announcement that he had something in mind of his own, and that it required my presence at 8:30. As in A.M. On my day off. And let me just say that I am in no shape, form or fashion a morning person. In fact, I have a battle pretty much every morning with myself trying to figure out how to sleep just a few more minutes and still be on time for work. So anyway, after being a tad bit of a baby about not getting to sleep in on said day off, I decided I should just shut my trap and leave the man alone about it. But when I woke up on that rainy morning that was as dreary as they come, I secretly cursed him for hatching such a cruel plan. Until we hopped in the car and drove up to Escape Day Spa and I saw this sight...

And was immediately whisked away into this room...

For the most incredibly luxurious couples massage you could ever imagine! I mean it was HEAVEN-SENT, people. I felt like I was on the Bachelor and we were enjoying a Fantasy Date or something. We each had our own masseuse, and got to lay side by side on the tables. I would have loved to look over at him and mouth the words "you're awesome" but I was literally in a comatose sleep within the first ten minutes. I'm pretty sure I might have drooled on the floor. Seriously, I have never been so relaxed in all my life! Believe me when I say they have earned their title as the Best Spa in Nashville. I am a FAN!

And just in case I haven't painted a picture that makes you want to get in your car and drive over there now, here's the description from the website:

share the bliss of massage therapy as you lay side by side…a soothing treatment for the body and mind…afterwards enjoy soaking in the hydrotherapy/ chromatherapy soak tub…a great way to spend some time together!

Like I said, I am one lucky (and relaxed) little lady. And for the record, it was totally worth losing a few hours of sleep. Starting our day off like that is something I would welcome anytime!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bridal Portraits on the Brain!

Eek! They're Sunday. Seriously, I'm not ready. But ready or not, here they come, because if I delay it anymore, I might drive myself crazy. I already got up at 1 a.m. to make a to-do list on my iPhone. Sometimes I hate that I'm so undeniably Type A.

So let's talk hair extensions, ladies. I'd like to know your thoughts on this matter, because a) I'm considering purchasing these to amp up the hair power for my bridal portraits on Sunday and b) a dear friend of mine sported them over the weekend and they looked fan-freakin'-tastic. Seriously, I would have paid money for some right then and there if she had an extra set in her purse. They looked so healthy, so shiny, so REAL. Who knew? For all Jessica Simpson does that is questionable (I have issues with her unhealthy obsession to Twitter) she IS pretty business savvy. She has completely capitalized on the fashion, shoe, fragrance and hair-extension markets and I for one applaud her efforts. The shoes, albeit a bit uncomfortable, are fabulously high, which is a great for a girl that is 5' 2" like myself, and now, I'm taking a stand and supporting the faux hair she likes to flaunt. Sue me.

Here's the dealio: I've been trying for what seems like years (okay maybe since we got engaged in March) to grow my baby-fine hair out for the wedding, and I'm pretty sure it has decided it has reached its final destination and refuses to grow another inch. So I'm thinking I'll pop a few of these bad boys in and get that extra va-va-va voom! for me to rock those bridal portraits with sass and confidence. See how voluminous Miss Jessica looks? There are no products that will do this for me. Believe me, I've tried them all! (That means you, Big Sexy Hair.)

On the subject of bridal sessions, allow me to introduce you to the lovely Alyse Woodward, a wedding planner who hails from Charlotte, N.C. and has such an eye for style! She featured two uber-fabulous bridal sessions last Friday on her blog and I love them both - so different but so unique! I love how they captured the brides personalities so well.

Which brings to my next I obviously love my cowboy boots that were a gift from Mr. T early in our courtship. We used to celebrate each month, but when we reached the one-year point, we decided we had run out of ideas (and money) to continue that lovely tradition. But they did make an appearance on our Save-the-Dates (shameless plug: which were featured on Ashley's Bride Guide yesterday - check it out here!) and man, would they be comfortable and oh-so-appropriate when we're jamming out at our wedding reception to our rock-it-out southern rock/country band, Trotline. I'm thinking we'll have the sweet and innocent ivory shoes to make my mom happy and then, just when I'm starting to get foot cramps, I'll bust out the boots! Question is, should they make an appearance in the bridal session, or shall we keep it a secret? I can't make another decision - so for the love, help this Bride in Boots out, my blog sisters!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

All Things Halloween

So after our lovely day off from work tomorrow (yay!), Mr. T and I have decided to go see our annual scary movie by watching what has been deemed one of the scariest movies in the history of the universe. At least that's what the trailer says. That's right, folks, nothing like a little movie like Paranormal Activity to kick off the week before Halloween. Last year we went to see The Strangers, and I promise you neither one of us had any blood circulation in our hands when we walked out. I doubt we will ever venture out to a cabin in the middle of nowhere in the near future. Or ever for that matter. But still, we go back for more. I can't resist!

The other highlight of the weekend is to embark on our First Annual Pumpkin Carving so that we can proudly display our creation on our new front porch for all the kiddos to see when they come trick-or-treating. After apartment life for the past six years with virtually no doorbell-ringing action, I secretly can't wait to see all the awesome costumes. Oh to be a kid again. Now I feel like the adults (especially females) who dress up these days are either total freaks or trying to be WAY too sexy (I mean, does the French Maid, Naughty Nurse, or Cheerleader outfit never get old to anyone else?) but man, I made a mean Minnie Mouse when I was a kid.

Speaking of dress up, I am 210% stoked for our next shower, hosted by dear friends who clearly know Mr. T and I quite well. It's a wedding shower with a twist - it's 80's themed! Everyone has to dress in their best 80's attire, or they're not allowed to enter. Love it! Just bought a pair of neon pick fishnets, and now I just have to get my hands on a sweatshirt with the neck cut out, some frosty blue eyeshadow, and a fabulous pair of legwarmers, a la Kelly Kapowski. You know you want to see pictures. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shame on Me!

So this little blogger is feeling pretty ashamed these days. You guys faithfully became followers, readers, whatevers, of my blog, even being kind enough to give me kudos and lots of blog love, and what do I do? I brought the blogging to a screeching halt in return. You must be really annoyed with me. I'm really annoyed with me. Believe me - I know the feeling when I go to blogs, licking my chops with anticipation to see all the beautiful pictures, fabulous insight, and shared inspirations from all of you who are planning your own gorgeous weddings, or just sharing your crazy-interesting lives, and when it's yesterday's news, or last week's for that matter, it's like someone pokes a pin in your balloon. So sorry for being "that blogger." I vow to do better, dear readers.

(I do have an excuse though. Really I do. I planned twelve events in two days last weekend for work. And all the planning required for those lovely events left zero time for anything else of a personal nature, which let me just say, is not the way to live your life. So for all you workaholics out there - stop it right now! Go home to the people you love and who deeply love you. Life is so much more than your profession. I was reminded of this fact when I was at the office until 10 p.m. last Thursday night and Mr. T calls with the gentle reminder just to come home already. I realized nothing was more important than spending time with him before the following 48 hours of chaos ensued. So I packed my things, drove home (I so love living five minutes from my office) and did one of our favorite things - snuggled on the sofa and watched Dan Taylor on the 10:00 News (I am an NBC snob) tell me what weather was in store for the weekend. And I might have thrown my shoe at the TV when he said it was going to be the coldest temperatures of the season and require me to change the setups at the last minute. But everything went off well, and at the end of it all, I was happily back on that sofa, having the best foot rub of my life. I seriously thought my toes were going to fall off -who really wears stilettos on a 14 hour work day? I'm an idiot. And I am buying a comfortable pair of shoes for event days so that I don't have to hobble home anymore!) Wow, now how was that for a digression? Oh, but speaking of being comfortable, I love this idea for my wedding reception attire - I mean, my blog IS A Bride in Boots, right?

Anyway...I must tell you about Chelsea of OhMyDeer handmades fame, who also just so happened to grace the cover of one of my favorite finds, Southern Weddings Magazine.

You probably know her from this little feature in their premiere issue, but what you may not know is she is fabulously talented! She is making me beautiful little shoe lovelies to jazz up my rather ordinary pair of ivory wedding shoes, and perhaps even a flower to wear in my hair for the reception. We met on Sunday (love that she's a Nashville girl!) and I'll hopefully have them in hand by next week! I know for sure the veil is coming off so I can get down with all of our wedding guests to our insanely fun band, but ever since I was little, I've always wanted to wear a flower in my hair. And she makes some of the most beautiful little creations you've ever seen. So there you have it - check out her Etsy shop and see if you're not swooning! Here is one of my very favorites...

Speaking of my to do list, my bridal portraits are in a few short weeks, so I'm trying to get all these little things done that have snuck up on me! I swear, I need a fairy godmother. I'm actually having two bridal sessions done - one here in Nashville at the elegantly gorgeous Cheekwood Mansion, compliments of Evin Photography (who just so happens to be one of my sorority sisters from my Samford days - small world!) and the other session back home in Tuscaloosa on my photographer's amazing little farm in the country. Talk about a juxtaposition! We've got a mansion and a farm as the backdrops. What can I say, I'm well-rounded. :)

So now my focus is on finding the veil. Is anyone else having major trouble with this little step? I'm thinking either chapel length or fingertip, and I want it to be really simple. I'm looking for one that has some fullness (not 80's fullness, but just a little bit more tulle than most I've seen) and maybe even a lace trim to match the lace on my dress. The problem is I feel like Goldilocks in The Three Little Bears - one is too big, one is too small, and I haven't yet found the one that feels just right. It was such an easy decision when I found my wedding dress, but the veil is turning out to be much more difficult. Who knew?

So I hope to go veil hunting on Friday, once Mr. T and I knock out a few wedding-related errands. We're both taking a much deserved day off to get our passports (honeymooning in Riviera Maya, woot!) pick out our wedding bands (eek!) and choose a tie for the handsome groomsmen. Here's my inspiration. Love the silver. Though I may get crazy and go midnight blue. You love it, right?

So just like Britney Spears, I'm making my (blog) comeback, one day at a time. I better, we're now 74 days away, y'all!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NOLA Recap

Let me apologzie for my lack of action on the blogosphere lately - I'm sure you all have found plenty of things other than my life to keep you satisfied, and frankly I find other blogs way more interesting than my own, but I do feel a bit of guilt when I go MIA.

So let's see, a little recap on the bachelorette party in New Orleans: I had such a fun time getting to spend the weekend with my girlfriends and the train was a great idea, at least for the trip down. The trip back was a little um, long, after we had enjoyed ourselves a little too much on Saturday night. Let's just say you don't notice the lurches as much when you're not nursing a little bit of a hangover. :) We played card games, mixed some fun drinks and even did a mad lib or two on the trip down, then rocked out Bourbon Street on Friday night, complete with a rather embarrassing moment on stage at Razoo's when they made me get up and dance to Jesse's Girl. Now I love dancing, but not when everyone is watching me, so I couldn't get off the stage fast enough. We capped off the night with a slushy hurricane and crashed back at the hotel (which Stacy, my MOH, did a great job of finding for us).

On Saturday we walked around the French Quarter, took a cab to Magazine Street to do some shopping and watch the Bama football game at the Bulldog, a pub with amazing potential but poor service, in case you're wondering, and then headed back to get ready for the lingerie shower at the hotel. Let me just say that I got some AMAZING lingerie that will most definitely be making an appearance in the Riviera Maya for our honeymoon. I had to pack it all back up and hide it in my closet to keep me from busting into it early! My friends have such good taste. :) We went to dinner at a fun place called Jacques-Imo's that came recommended by a friend who used to live in NOLA, and it reminded me a lot of Red Bar in terms of the decor and ambience, for those of you who've been to that restaurant in Greyton Beach. I think perhaps my favorite part of the trip though was a little bar called Lucy's, where we ran into a friend of mine from Nashville and stayed until around 1 in the morning. And yes, the train was to depart at 6 a.m. the next day. We're idiots. But fun idiots. As you can see by the photo below. Where I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.

I promise I will upload more photos later but sadly, they're all on my mom's camera, and I have honestly not had a spare moment to download them. In the meantime, my friend Marcie did a recap with photos on her blog, which you can view here. She's much more in depth than I would be anyway, and way more disciplined on taking photos than I am, thank goodness!

On the house front, we're getting settled in and it's feeling much more home-y now that we've hung a few pictures on the walls. Our sofa is being delivered tomorrow (hooray - the one from college has now gone on to it's rightful home at Goodwill), we hope to have the flat screen TV mounted in the media room by the end of the month (still in time to watch lots of football), and I'm on a mission to find a fire pit to put on the patio. And I guess some patio furniture would be nice, so we don't have to sit Indian-style on the deck. Once those things are done, we're having a housewarming party, which just might end up being the Tacky Holiday Sweater Party 2009. And in case you would like to know what my handsome fiance wore last year, feast your eyes on this...

Question is, however will he top himself this year? In the meantime, happy fall y'all!
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