Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who's getting CARRIED away?

Today is the day, my little blogettes! I've honestly never been more excited about a movie premiere in all my living life! I'm making myself wait until Monday to see the movie with some girlfriends, and letmejusttellya, the anticipation is killing me!

I truly can't think of a better way to kick off this long Memorial Day weekend, can you?

And in case you've forgotten, Mr. T and I will be spending it here...

Ohhhhh, Chicago! I love you so. I've got visions of Wrigley field and deep dish pizza dancing in my head. The Hubs and I have literally been counting down the dates. And the weather? Oh, it just so happens to be spectacular. So, don't be jealous. Or actually, be a little jealous if you want. :)
Monday I plan to park it by the pool (hmmm, guess I've got to find a pool connection now that I've lost my apartment pool privileges) and get caught up on my UsWeekly's before I stock up on candy to sneak into the movie theater and take in Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda in all their high-fashion glory. Ah, it's the little things in life that make me happy.

Happy Long Weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top Two Tuesday: Bachelorette Style

For your viewing pleasure, I've decided to dedicate this post to the top two gentleman who I believe are the frontrunners for this season's Bachelorette. AKA the best show on this summer. And let's just be honest, I think the pickings were rather slim this go-around. I mean, there were only about three that I didn't think were complete tools. A weatherman and an entertainment wrestler - really, ABC? A guy who scrapbooks? I would totally run the other way at 90 mph. And my personal favorite - the guy who said "I loved those boots you wore on the show" to which Ali replies "Um, I think you've got the wrong gal." Classic. (And don't EVEN get me started on Shooter. Blech.)

First we have my guy Ty from - you guessed it - Tennessee! Way to represent, buddy! That southern accent had Ali swooning, and he strums a guitar way better than slimy jerk Wes from Jillian's season. "Some say looooooove, it don't come eaaaaaaaaaaaaa-syyyyyyyyyy." If he had sung that one more time, I might puke. I mean I love my musicians and all, but that little tune he thought was a new #1 was just ridic.

Ah, what a gentleman - he actually gave her a coat in a chivalrous, sweet way that didn't give me the ibby-jibbies. AND he just so happens to be from just down the road in Franklin, TN. Hmmm, I have a few friends in mind I'd like to set him up with if it doesn't work out with Miss Ali...

Now for my Numero Dos: Ohhhhh, Roberto! The guys called him Rico Suave, but I just call him Mr. Right. For Ali, that is. I've got my Mr. Right, thankyouverymuch. And just so you know, he puts ALL these fellas to shame. But Roberto was was so charming, so memorable (hello, I want to learn how to salsa dance!), so sheepish in an "aw shucks" kind of way - and from Charleston to boot! Me likey.

See? She likes him. She really likes him! Their body language is very telling, don't you think?

So my friends, those are my top two. Agree? Disagree? Your turn to name yours!
(Oh, and Reality Steve totally says Roberto makes it to the top two, and his track record is 100%. Just sayin.)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Who's Ready?

Cause I am. Ah, the beloved Bachelorette. Thank you, TV gods, for creating lovely, mindless, brain-numbing reality TV for Monday nights. Because after Mondays like today, I kind of like not thinking about anything but how much I love Ali's outfits once I'm off the clock.
Let the zone out begin!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer on a Cone

An, the Dairy Queen Dip Cone. The true sign that summer is about to commence.

Pure, simple chocolate-covered deliciousness.
And now I want one. Yes, I am a 30 year old kid at heart.

And for you Nashville ladies, try one from Bobbie's Dairy Dip on Charlotte. Then tell me how much you love me for changing your life.

Happy (Almost) Summer, friends!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For the Love of Flats

With our fast-approaching weekend trip to Chi-Town on the brain, (which sidenote, OMG, I just discovered H&M is walking distance from our hotel - I can already taste the bargains!) I've been lured to my favorite online friend Piperlime several times this week with visions of comfortable yet fabulously cute flats dancing in my shoe-obsessed head. Me materialistic? Noooooooooo...

Now let me just say that as a girl standing at all of 5' 2" (and with a mister who is a tall and hunky 6'1"), I was probably the last person to get on the Flats bandwagon. But after one day of walking around without my 3-4" stilettos/wedges/platforms/insanely uncomfortable and impractical shoes that had become de rigeur for me, I slipped my lovely Target flats off and realized that when my feet didn't pulsate with pain per usual, I just might be on to something.

So here are the top contenders. Care to cast your vote?

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

And don't even tell me to get all three - I'm already tempted! Even though all three pairs are under $65, I'm supposed to be saving up for the H&M extravaganza! Right? Let's all nod in unison, riiiiiiiiiight.

Monday, May 17, 2010

10 days and counting...

Until pure entertainment bliss arrives in the form of SATC2 in theaters near you.

To say I can't wait would be the understatement of the century.

Would you judge me if I ordered my tickets today?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Guest Post for The Almost-Married Miss Kriss

Miss Kriss

In honor of Miss Kriss's wedding week, she asked several guest bloggers to feature a recap from their wedding. And guess who today's guest is? ME!

I'd like to thank my parents for always believing in me, my husband for being my rock...oh wait, sorry. I got carried away. I've just always wanted to give an acceptance speech.

Here's a sneak peek...

Anyway, make like a baby and head on out (or over, as the case may be) to read all about it...or ok, I'll make it simple, just go check it out here. Then come back here and leave me some blog love to let me know if you liked it! And even if you didn't, lie to me and say you did.

Yay for reliving the wedding day! And thank you, Kristin, for giving me a firm kick in the tail and finally being my motiviation to post my reception photos. It only took me four months to do it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spin Pins: Discuss

So who has seen these new commercials for spin pins by Goody?

Consider me intrigued. I mean, ONE of these spin pins does the work of 20 bobby pins, people! That is just genius. Soooooo I just bought some online. Annnnnnd I went ahead and got the simple style pack because you could get three other fun hair goodies for the low price of $14.99 plus shipping. Wow, did that sound like a commercial or what?

Anyway, let's let the photos speak for themselves....they make it look so easy! I'm always up for a messy bun. Or a pouffy ponytail. Or a modern updo. (And let's be clear, that does not mean prom hair circa 1997 with a french twist and heavily-hairsprayed curling iron tendrils).

And with the summer heat coming, I'm all about getting my hair up and off my sweaty neck. So I just bought it and I'm not looking back. You know you want one too.

Gimmick? Maybe. Worth $15 if these babies work? Totally.

Just look - the options are endless!

And on a completely unrelated note, guess who just got the new Laura Bush book? That's right, my sweet Mr. T brought it home as a nice little surprise for me last night. It really is the little things, isn't it? Anyway, something about our former First Lady just exudes such grace, class and elegance, and I for one want to know more about her. And it just so happens she's coming to our great city of Nashville next week for a book signing. Maybe I'll ask her if she uses the volume pouf pin to get that great volume in her hair...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Fun: A Little About Lil

I don't know about you guys, but the term "TGIF" has never been more meaningful to me than it is today. Let's see, this time last week I was in the lovely Vanderbilt ER getting treated for yet another allergic reaction, with my throat swollen up to the size of a pin needle. But that's another story.

Then, the grandfather of all floods hit our beloved city of Nashville, and turned this place upside down - literally. It has been absolutely surreal to see such an outpouring of love and support every time I turn on the news or open my morning copy of The Tennesseean, not to mention all the great local blogettes who are giving mad props to the Music City by doing their own little recaps. In fact, it's not just the local gals who are supporting the effort - it's gals from afar as well, such as one of my new favorites, Nola Girl. She featured a fantastic post on Thursday that really made me proud. Check it out here. I have truly been amazed with the way everyone has come together and rallied for the cause. Like my Facebook status says, I have never been more proud to be a Nashvillian. Needless to say, it has been a long week - and even longer for those who are sorting through what's left of their homes - and I think we all deserve one heck of a weekend.

Also - my church, CrossPoint, has been on the frontlines every single day this week doing volunteering out the wazoo, and was even featured on Anderson Cooper's segment on CNN last night. Talk about cool. I was so proud of my CrossPoint peeps for getting recognized for all their hard work and can't wait to join them for a bit tomorrow. Pastor Pete has been doing some great blog posts this week on how so many have pitched in to help - check them out here. Mr. T and I plan to join in the effort tomorrow, and I can't wait to get my feet wet, no pun intended.

So now for some fun...Nola Girl tagged me with a little award this morning, and all I have to do is tell you lovely people seven random facts about myself. Easy-breezy, huh?

Now I typically don't take part in these little ditties because they start to kind of feel like a chain letter or mass forward (i.e send on to five people or you'll have bad luck for five years) but because I do love this gal so much, and because I'm feeling rather restless on this Friday afternoon knowing there are SO many things I could be doing to help out my community and instead I'm stuck waiting on the 5:00 bell to chime so I can have a date night with my husband, I decided what the hey. So here's a little bit about me:

1. I'm a NOLA girl myself, actually! I was born there in 1980 and lived there for all of six weeks before my parents adopted me and moved me to Alabama, but I still claim it as my own. Something about the spirit of New Orleans is just so alluring. The music, the food, the people - I love it all. And everytime I take a walk in the Garden District, I feel right at home.

2. When I was 10 years old, I auditioned and got the part to play Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird, and seriously thought I was on the road to Hollywood. I would be lying if I said it didn't go to my head a little. I loved being involved with our local community theater group, and had absolutely zero stage fright as a kid, which is crazy to think of now, considering I get all clammy and shaky and nervous if I have to speak in front of more than five people. Ah, to be a kid again.

3. If I could look like anyone in the whole wide world, it would hands-down-without-a-doubt be Penelope Cruz. I can speak un pocito espanol, so I already have that going for me.

4. Even though I don't like to admit it, I'm stubborn as a mule. My dad made fun of me for it ever since I was a little girl, then my friends figured it out, and now my husband even realizes it. Sometime it takes me 24 hours to apologize for something for which I know I'm in the wrong. It's my biggest character flaw. I suppose I could have worse ones...

5. I'm allergic to pine nuts (hence the aforementioned visit to the ER last week). I discovered it when I was sixteen after diving into a pesto pizza my parents brought home for dinner, and have had reactions at Emeril's restaurant, on a first date, and a friend's bridal shower. The most recent one happened to be when I was alone, which was a pretty scary experience. So now, I carry one of these bad boys on me at all times. Which isn't fun when I want to carry a cute little clutch for the evening. But I've seen it firsthand - it saves lives, people!

6. I cry every single time I watch Extreme Home Makeover. And occasionally during commercials. And some country music videos. What, I have a very empathetic heart.

7. I hate to say it, but I kind of can't stand cats. Actually, I don't know if I can't stand them or I'm deathly afraid of them, but the sight of them completely freaks me out. I'm sorry for all you feline fans out there, but something about those little stinkers just scares the heck out of me. It's nothing personal, I promise. It's just that all they do is just sneak around and stare at you and pounce when you're least expecting it. Um, no thank you. They say the world is divided into cat people and dog people. I am wholeheartedly the latter. And speaking of, I'm on a mission to get one of these little guys very, very soon....

So there you have it. I hope you aren't completely bored to pieces. And I hope you all enjoy one well-deserved weekend! Oh, and don't forget to call your mama!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

8 x 8: My Turn!

OK friends, let's loosen up and have some fun, shall we? VABelle tagged me in a little game. We'll call it 8 x 8.

Here are the rules:
1)Go to your photos files and select the 8th photo folder.
2) Select the 8th photo in that folder.
3) Post that photo along with the story behind it.
4) Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same.

And without further adieu, here is mine:

Ok, what had HAPPENED was... So this was actually taken in September of 2008, which was about five months after Mr. T and I had been dating. We drove to Charlotte, NC for the first Virginia Tech football game of the season against East Carolina (the Turmans are all die hard fans and wouldn't miss a chance to see the Hokies play in the Bank of America Stadium). Oh, and it was also the first time I met Mr. T's two older brothers, the second and third guys from the left. Being a good sport and a supportive girlfriend, I donned my trusty Virginia Tech tee shirt (which hurt my heart a little bit not to wear my traditional crimson and white) and had fun tailgating with my future in-laws. When the time came for a photo op to document the occasion, the CUTEST little East Carolina fan who was no less than 60 years old was walking by and popped into our picture, waving his baseball cap in the air in a "my team is better than yours" kind of way. Someone snapped the photo at JUST the right time to see everyone gettting a good laugh. Notice Mr. T is the one on the end with a "thumbs down" gesture, booing the poor guy, bless his little heart.

Ah, the first day of football season. You can't get here fast enough.

I'm foregoing the tagging part, but if you do play along, let me know in the comment section! It's an easy post and a super-fun way to share a story with your own little blogettes. :)

Hello, Cinco de Mayo!

Can I get a woo hoo, 'cause it's Wednesday! And not just any Wednesday, but Cinco de Mayo Wednesday at that! I do so love this day. And since I am SUCH a superfan of Mexican fare, I believe a true Mexican fiesta can easily be comprised of three things:

1. Chicken Enchiladas

2. Chunky Guacamole

3. And a marvelous margarita (all recipes courtesy of my guy Tyler Florence at Food Network)

So since I just made it super-duper easy for you to make your own little Mexican feast on this day of Mexican Independence, I'd like to turn your attention to what this day REALLY reminds me of. And that is this gorgeous guy:

Known to you, my little blogettes, as Mr. T.

For it was two years ago today that my life was about to change, because two years ago today (May 5, 2008) was the day before I met this most amazing man. On a blind date. At Jackson's. Where I had zero expectations I was about to meet my future husband. But where I laughed for a solid three hours. And where I walked out thinking, "Holy wow, he just might be the one." Annnnnnnnnd it turned out to be the last first date I would ever go on. Seriously, I had my suspicions the nano-second he sent me a text saying "First table on your left. Tan shirt. Can I take your drink order?" (Man, I wish I had saved that thing - it makes me smile every single time I think about it.) Now here we are two years later as Mr. and Mrs. T, and I couldn't feel more blissfully happy that he is the one I get to go on this crazy wedded journey with. Which is why I feel the need to bear hug him like this on occasion. He's just so easy to love.

Isn't it funny how life can change in two years time? Happy (dating) anniversary, honey!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

And please don't come back for many days!

So I'm sure many of you have heard about this torrential downpour we had over the weekend in Nashville, which resulted in a record breaking 13 inches of rain over a two day period, and flooding all over Davidson County. I'm happy to report that Mr. T and I are just fine, with no damage whatsoever to us or our humble abode. But it is truly heartbreaking to see what some of our neighbors are facing this morning. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. (courtesy of The Tennessean).

(Looking downtown from Demonbreun)

(Looking across the Cumberland River at LP Field)

(The view from the Pedestrian Bridge)

(A government car almost submerged in floodwater at the Bicentennial Mall)

(Inside the Opryland Hotel, which has since been evacuated)

(Poor little Downtown Nashville)

(Rising water surrounding the Country Music Hall of Fame)

(The Harpeth River - beyond overflowing)

I literally sat glued to my television starting early on Saturday morning and watched wave after wave of rains, thunderstorms, and tornado watches pass over, with nary a clue how bad it actually was becoming just minutes down the road from me. Oh, and did I mention that I was alone? Oh yes, this just so happened to be the weekend Mr. T went on his annual golf trip, so it was just me and this little guy holed up inside for a very loooooooooooooooooong 48 hours.

Though he clearly doesn't seem to be worried.

You can bet your bottom dollar I'm feeling one thing today: THANKFUL. Thankful for a roof over my head and a dry floor under my feet. Thankful for an office where my computer still works. Thankful for loved ones who are out of harm's way, and for a husband who is back home safe and sound where he belongs. Thankful for a church that didn't waste a moment to start serving in the community, and thankful for a God that brings beautiful, glorious sunshine after buckets and buckets of rain.

Hoping each of you are warm, safe and dry today! I'm hoping these crazy May showers bring some pretty awesome May flowers our way...
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