Friday, February 25, 2011

14 Week Bumpdate

So here we are at the start of the second trimester, and oh what a difference it makes! I'm feeling a bazillion times better in the nausea department, thank the good sweet Lord above. I just got back from a trip to New Orleans and enjoyed every single sun-filled and 75 degree minute (when I wasn't indoors for the work conference that brought me there). And I had my first maternity boutique encounter. Ummm, yeah. About that. No one tells you how overwhelming that is for the first time! Silicone leak guards? Nursing sports bras? Belly bands galore? I'm pretty sure the sweet girl who waited on me had a good laugh after I looked around for a good hour in disbelief, finally settled on a black belly band and high-tailed it out the door. But I did find some fabulous little (or not so little, as the case may be when I wear them) sundresses to usher me (and Baby T) into spring. Bring on the comfy dresses and flip flops!

Since many of you asked for an update before we hit the 16 week mark, (I know, I'm impatient too), here's the latest:

Symptoms: Though I'm trying not to jinx it, I haven't felt morning sickness in a solid week. That means no more preggie pop drops to get me through the workday! Cue the hallelujah chorus. I occasionally feel a little nauseated late at night, but it is so much better than the groan and moan fest I was having every night that I can totally handle it. What I AM feeling is restless. Especially at about 2, 3, or 4 in the morning. I usually get up to use the bathroom and then find myself wide awake for hours afterward, silently cursing Mr. T as he lays beside me snoring away. Last night I couldn't take it anymore and moved to the sofa. Let it be said that pregnant women who find themselves more uncomfortable every night should not be sleeping on sofas. So guess who's gonna get the boot out of the bed the next time? Sorry, honey.

What's different: Holy Burpalicious, Batman! I seriously cannot stop, and I don't know where it comes from. I burp or hiccup after I eat any meal, first thing when I wake up, in the middle of the night, for a total of about 100 times a day. Classy, I know.

Cravings: Oh, Diet Coke. I miss you so. But I still reserve the right to drink one with any of the following meals: Pizza, Anything Mexican, and Cheeseburgers. And let me throw in that if you are in New Orleans, you MUST go to Port of Call and get a mushroom cheeseburger. It is straight up heaven on a plate. And I still love a good baked potato. Mmmm, a twice-baked one sounds so delicious right now...

Aversions: Few and far between, though something that can sound awesome and I am starving for can become disgusting once it's placed in front of me. This happened at La Paz yesterday, when I ordered a chicken enchilada. It showed up and I couldn't even eat a bite. I'm getting a bit better with fruits since my first two um, episodes, of getting violently sick from a banana and a grapefruit of all things. Eewww, and no eggs. I can't stand the smell of them.

Sleep: Oh how I miss my old sleep-through-a-freight-train days. Maybe it's just God's way of preparing me for motherhood, but man, I am a Grumposaurus Rex if I don't get 8 hours. I'm thinking a maternity pillow is in my future. And a king-sized bed so Mr. T MAY be able to stay in it.

I am loving: Seeing a tiny little bump emerge and reading anything and everything I can get my hands on about what's going on inside of me. I can really feel a bump in the morning when I'm laying flat on my back, but that may just be because my bladder is ready to explode. But I still love it, and I am constantly amazed at the miraculous little being God is creating. How cool is that?

I miss: A good night's sleep. You really don't understand how much I love it.

I am looking forward to: Wearing my fun new dresses when it finally warms up! I came home from NOLA and tried them all on for Mr. T the minute I walked in the door, fashion-show style. I found the most amazing maxi dress from Banana that I cannot wait to wear with some new wedges (so much more practical than stilettos!) that I bought at Hemline. Be still my heart.

I'm spazzing about: Well I was spazzing about this pain I was getting in my lower abdomen, until I read about round ligament pain that starts in the 2nd trimester and discovered it was spot-on. They're basically growing pains, as the ligaments surrounding your uterus are stretched to accommodate the growing baby. Another way Mother Nature just does her thing.

Best moment this week: Shopping in New Orleans and buying our first baby book called "Good Night, Nola." Something about that city just speaks to me, and I love that our first book came from the city where I was born!

Milestones: Going from "Ugh, I feel sick again" to "Wow, it feels awesome to feel normal again!"

Movement: Nothing yet, but I cannot wait for that moment! I think I'm going to use a gift a friend let me borrow for the first time this weekend. It's a velcro band that wraps around my belly so the baby can jam out to NeedtoBreathe on my iPphone. Music City Baby, all the way!

It's a...: I'm starting to think girl more and more. But maybe just because the clothes are cuter. I know Mr. T wants a boy because he's already saying "him" when he talks about the baby. But deep down, we just want healthy with 10 fingers and 10 tiny toes!

Exercise: Check! For the first time in two whopping months, nonetheless. I used the hotel gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical one day and 35 minutes speed walking on an incline on the treadmill the next. Major progress from being a total couch potato the last eight weeks.

Diet: Trying to get some sort of breakfast down in the morning, but it's still my least favorite meal of the day. Lots of protein and veggies at lunch, and whatever sounds tasty for dinner. I've also re-discovered my sweet tooth the past week. It started with the white chocolate bread pudding I ordered for room service my first night in Nola. Picture me with a big bowl on my belly, curled up in my bed watching the Bachelor. Now THAT is the definition of a good night.

Goals for the upcoming week: (1) Keep up the exercise because it really does make me feel better and (2) get some organizing and cleaning done around the house. Carpets are being cleaned tomorrow, then it's on to getting all the junk out of the nursery!

Belly Shot: No 14 week belly sticker, so you'll have to wait for the 16 week shot. Rest assured, that bump will be much more evident!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

8 week and 12 week bumpdates!

Thanks for all the sweet comments on our fun announcement, friends! That made my day. :)

Before we do the two-for-one bumpdates, I think we should start with pictures of the wee one. So first things first, here's our sonogram photo from our first ultrasound at 8 weeks. I didn't think we would get to have an ultrasound, but my OB rocks and made it happen, which completely made our day. I know you can't tell much - I would always try to make out something when other people proudly posted these photos but never had much luck - but that little peanut's heartbeat was beating strong and fast for us, blinking on the screen with a heart rate of 154. At which point I cried. I've never seen something so miraculous in my whole life.

We had our 12 week appointment last week, and got to hear Baby T's heartbeat for about two seconds before he/she (I keep saying she, Mr. T keeps saying he - not sure why) squirmed away. But those two seconds were music to my ears. I can't wait to hear it again!

So as promised to many, here are the 8 week and 12 week bumpdates in all their growing glory. Mr. T does the "photo shoot" standing on our bed, and I think he really enjoys being the photog. He even reminds me when it's time for one. And he likes to pat that growing belly and tell Baby T good night, which is pretty cute. I think he's going to make one fine daddy. He likes to shoot a photo from the front, one close up of the belly (and my disappearing waistline), and one from the side so we can see the bump grow.

8 weeks - January 14, 2011

12 weeks - February 11, 2011

The belly stickers came from Etsy (naturally), compliments of Emily at the Purple Possum. Aren't they fun? After I wear one, I put it back on the sheet and record the date the picture was taken. I thought about also recording my weight, but decided I think I'm just fine leaving out that little detail for posterity's sake. :)

In terms of pregnancy symptoms, I've basically been feeling some combination of the following symptoms since about week 6:

Sore Breasts - check. That was my first sign something was up!
Fatigue - check. As in I can sleep a solid 10 hours without problem. And take a nap after work, too. Well, unless I have to get up to pee. Better enjoy it now, right? Which brings me to...
Frequent Urination - check. At first, I thought it was because of all the water I was drinking. Now I think the little peanut has decided to take up residence on top of my bladder. The worst part is when I get up at 4 a.m. to go, I have a hard time going back to sleep without my thoughts racing. I literally came up with about 10 names I liked one night and wrote them down because I couldn't sleep. Might as well be productive!
Nausea - ummm, triple check. At first it was morning, afternoon and night, and I made preggie pop drops my new best friend just to get through the workday. Now I feel like it may be tapering off a little (someone knock on some wood, stat!) since the durations of nausea aren't quite so long or pronounced. Pro: I only had to throw up twice, so I know it could be worse. The first time was right after I ate a banana and had to high-tail it to the bathroom at work in the middle of a staff meeting. Lovely. The second time was at home and I'd just eaten half a grapefruit and some diced peaches. Con: Now I have a total aversion to fruit in any form. I'm hoping it passes soon, but in the meantime I'm drinking lots of apple juice and OJ, and trying to get my fiber in from those FiberPlus bars that actually aren't that bad. I was expecting something tasting like Metamucil.
Cravings - check. The ones that were really strong were for a big, juicy filet (sorry, vegetarians), baked potatoes and the old-school macaroni and cheese in the blue box. I ate an entire box of mac and cheese in one sitting of the Bachelor and could have licked my bowl clean. I haven't craved sweets like I thought I would, because I do have a major sweet tooth, but I did have a to-die-for molten chocolate cake a la mode in California that was like heaven on a plate. Tomorrow we're having a belated Valentines celebration at one of our favorite steakhouses, so the meat and potatoes will be back in action!

So there you have it, my friends. Weeks 1-12: the nutshell version. Our 16 week bumpdate falls on my 31st birthday, March 11. Stay tuned - I'm sure the belly will be lots bigger by then!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Announcement Time!

With Valentine's Day dawning tomorrow, love and even a hint of springtime in the Nashville air, and 12 weeks now under my belt, I do believe it's announcement time, y'all...


Baby T will be debuting in August, and Mr. T and I could not be more excited, amazed, overwhelmed, anxious, and absolutely delighted with the news Santa brought us on a little Clearblue Easy stick just three days before Christmas. Talk about a Christmas we will never forget and the best present EVER!

So allow me to set the scene...

It was a bitterly cold Wednesday night (which we've had our fair share of this winter around these parts), and Mr. T had surprised me with tickets to see the very last show of Garth Brooks concert series downtown that he put on to benefit flood relief from the May 2010 flood. As if I don't love Mr. Brooks enough already - we did choose "To Make You Feel My Love" as our first dance, after all - this concert truly made me adore the man. We had just gotten home from work and before I headed upstairs to change, I ever-so-casually mentioned to Mr. T I was a few days late for "Aunt Flo's" arrival. I had been thinking that afternoon at work I should probably take a test soon since we would be heading home for Christmas in a few days, but for some reason, I made the impromptu decision this was the night. And was it ever...

After doing my business on the stick and carefully laying it on the side of the bathtub for the two- minute-which-feels-like-two eternities waiting period, I actually found myself saying a little prayer that if He thought we were ready, then to let us be blessed with a positve. He must have thought it was time. I looked down (ok,in truth I had probably been staring a hole in it ever since I finished that prayer) and an ever-so-faint positive sign pops on the screen. Now let me stop here and say that Mr. T points out that I like to keep my expectations low whenever possible, just so that I can be pleasantly surprised rather than overly disappointed. I guess it's just my nature. So in true fashion, I convince myself it's not really a positive in the span of calling down to Mr. T to please come upstairs and him actually arriving to see it for himself. I actually probably said something like "Oh my gosh, get up here NOW" but it's all kind of a blur. He takes a look at the stick, then at the instructions, then back at the stick, all the while I'm saying "Surely that's not a positive. Is that a positive? No way that's a positive." and he's got eyes as big as saucers and goes, "Babe. I think that's a positive." See, the problem is that those little rascals are tricky, and though I had a very distinct vertical line (which is the only one you're supposed to be looking for) I had a very faint horizontal line. Well, you know what comes next. Mr. T and I throw on our shoes and hop in the car to go to our neighborhood Walgreens and get the test we should have started with: the one that dumbs it down for you and says "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant." The whole way I'm chugging water so I can take that bad boy the minute we get back to the house, and surprisingly I had plenty of "fluid" to take not just one, but two tests. Which both read, with beautiful, amazing clarity, a definitive "Pregnant." At that point I decided I could finally believe it, and I promptly squealed and we busted out the camera.

So now, we have proof of those blessed sticks...

And also our first photo as parents, which just so happens to be right before we went in for that spectaular concert...

I would love to tell more about how this first trimester has been treating me, but it's late and my early bedtime is calling me. But I will say I have never known a tired like this. Or nausea like this. But most assuredly, I have never known love like this either. We're having a BABY!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Excuse For an Oscar Party

I am totally jonesing to throw an Oscar party ever since I laid my eyes on this fun idea...

Download a set of 12 different cards here, courtesy of the always fresh How About Orange.

But let's be honest, as much as I love a good awards show, my favorite part is watching Giuliana do the red carpet interviews before the show and seeing all those to-die-for dresses. Jea-lous.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Eye Candy

Okay, February is already shaping up to be about a bazillion times better than January, my friends. I basically went into hibernation because it snowed about two times too many, and was about 40 degrees too cold. I am a spring chicken and proud of it. Just ask Mr. T. I can make him jump about 2 feet in the air when I put my cold as ice toes on him under the covers when we get in bed at night. (Sidenote: I have since invested in a heating blanket that has utterly and completely changed my life. I put that baby on high before I brush my teeth and wash my face and when I crawl in, it's like a warm little cloud of heaven.)

That said, I am adoring all the eye candy on the blogosphere lately that is giving me tons of inspiration for several events I have on the horizon. Let's start with this photo, that just puts me in the mood for planning a party. Granted, a girly one. I have been loving some lavendar in my life (and it just so happens to be one of THE Pantone colors for Spring 2011.)

Continuing with the purple theme, because it just so happens to be my favorite color of the moment, you will be seeing this pairing of purple lighting, patterns, pintucks, crystals and acrylic on many an inspiration board in my office. Its simplicity speaks to me. Pair it with some ghost chairs and I'm a goner.

Or this minimalist beauty. So crisp, so clean, so monochromatic. I see tons of candlelight and a dry ice ice cream action station in my mind's eye - now how beautiful would that be?

French toast skewers, paired with an espresso bar. The perfect brunch combo. Need I say more.

What's inspiring you these days?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentines for the Anti-Valentines

SHUT the front door. I just have to share this with you because I am the world's biggest fan of Miss Pickles Press. I got the cutest email from them today with printable and free valentines cards. I'll admit, I have the hardest time with Valentines Day. Yes, it's nice to get flowers, and yes, it's nicer to have an excuse for a fancy dinner, but honestly, we all know this is just a holiday Hallmark created to make money. Do we really need a day to tell those we love how much we actually do love them? Maybe it just makes us demonstrate what we're already feeling inside. So in that case, maybe I shouldn't be quite so cynical about Cupid's Day. Hmmm, deep thoughts.
Anyway, check out her fun email:

Let's face it. Flowers wilt. Chocolates in heart-shaped boxes are filled with mystery goo. And those weird little drug store teddy bears? Eeeek...creeeeeeepy.

Just print the chic little Valentine's cuties below on heavy card stock, trim, and attach to that pretty brown paper package tied up with string...and get ready to feel the love!

CLICK HERE for our fab freebie Valentine mini-cards. Enjoy...and spread the love!

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