Friday, July 31, 2009

Gearing Up for Gorham's Bluff

Wedding Weekend Part Two is now in effect. My dear friend Candice is getting married tomorrow! I am SO excited about her venue, Gorham's Bluff, which is an adorable community located in the tiny town of Pisgah, Alabama. This place is the best kept secret around, but I think it's definitely on its way to being discovered - Tara Guerard of Charleston-based Soiree even blogged about it here. Candice's super-sweet fiance Elliott whisked her away for a romantic weekend in March and capped their last night off by dropping to one knee and proposing on the back porch of their cute cottage - you just don't get any more southern than that, folks! I used to work with Candice at the University of Alabama School of Law (I did the events, she did the annual fund) and we made a pretty great team. We were both hired there after some life-changing circumstances, and formed a fast friendship that I have grown to cherish so much. She and I both were known as the ones would "never settle down" and then we got engaged within one month of each other - how's that for irony? So here's to you, Candice - through all our shoulder shimmy's, counselor-patient quizzes and dance sessions in turtleneck sweaters, I couldn't be happier for you and the life you're about to begin tomorrow. Can't wait to celebrate with y'all this weekend!


  1. Yaaay for Candice! :) Gorham's Bluff is soooo pretty! You guys are going to have a fabulous time and I know she will make an absolutely beautiful bride! :) (By the way, no I'm not absolutely crazy...I went to Alabama for law school and I actually know Candice! haha)

  2. i love your blog title (and ADORABLE pic on the banner)! found you from my best friend ellie's photography blog, and i just wanted to let you know i answered your question about the hair flowers on her post!!!!! congrats on getting married in january!!!!!

  3. Oh, the shoulder shimmys - and that turtleneck has not been worn out since...what were we thinking????


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