Thursday, May 10, 2012

On my first Mother's Day - A letter to Maggie

Dearest Maggie,

As I reflect over the last nine months we've had together since you came into our lives, turned it upside down, and made it more wonderful and exhausting and rewarding than I ever thought possible, I wanted to pause and reflect on all the things I love about you and getting to be your mom. With it being my first Mother's Day, I'm even more sentimental than usual (evidenced by tearing up with big crocodile tears when I watched the Publix commercial the other night when the little girl helping her pregnant mom in the kitchen is encouraged by mom to talk to her baby sister in mom's belly and after much thought, decides to tell her "you're really going to love Mommy"- ugh, it gets me every time!) and just want to stop time and soak up every spare moment I have with you, and because I think this is a day just as much about you as it is about me, I want to tell you some of the things I love about you. Here are a few things I don't want to forget:

How you squeal with delight when I blow raspberries on your bare belly.

How your eyes light up when I sing our "wake up" song that I made up when you were just a few weeks old, or your other favorite, "I'm a little teapot..."

How you babble to yourself in the middle of the night or when you wake up in the morning, and I can tell you are having an entire conversation with whatever you see in your crib.

How you have chosen to go from our baby who sleeps 10-11 hours each night to one who has decided to wake up 2-3 times a night, absolutely and positively ready to party.

How you finally give up and go back to sleep when I rock you, and how your little head nuzzles into my neck to find the perfect spot and your open mouth leaves a little pool of drool on my shoulder.

How you watch with wonder when we blow bubbles on the front porch.

How you stare at people when we go out to eat, until they acknowledge you and you reward them with a big smile. You have never met a stranger.

How you look when you smile with those two tiny bottom teeth peeking through.

How you love to watch the train that goes by behind our house, and here me say "chuga, chuga, choo, choo, choo!" and how amazed we are that it actually never wakes you when you're sleeping.

How you still sleep with your arms behind your head when you're on your back, just like you did in your ultrasound picture.

How you get the hiccups when you laugh too hard.

How your laugh makes your dad and I both laugh.

How you make a funny face when you try a new food for the first time, and how you make this awful gagging face when you really don't like something (like the peas).

How you love, love, love to be held, and cry when I put you down and I'm out of sight (really relishing this one, as I know it will soon change once you are on the move).

How you watch your friends at daycare intently, and decide you're going to keep up with the big kids by trying to do everything they do.

How you can cry like the dickens but immediately quiet when I pick you up. And sometimes look over your shoulder and grin at your daddy when I do it. :)

How sweet you smell when we get you out of the bathtub. I wish I could bottle that baby scent.

How you have decided you love bathtime, which you used to be very apprehensive of. You love to eat your bath toys, splash in the water, and put your hand under the running water.

How you adore your exersaucer, and will bounce and bounce on your tip-toes until your little cheeks are flushed.

How you still love your snugabunny bouncy seat, even though your bottom almost grazes the ground when we bounce you.

How you beam at your daddy when he plays peekaboo with you in the kitchen when I'm feeding you.

How you do your "conduct the symphony" hands and find them utterly fascinating.

How you attack your bottle like it is the last one on the planet.

How you can be oh-so-dramatic when you have to do something you don't like (i.e. sit in your high chair).

How you hate to have your nose wiped (and who could blame you?)

How you scared us to death with your high temp of 105, but amazingly, still managed to laugh.

How you are always so happy in the morning, no matter what kind of night you had.

How you love to give kisses, and how you grab my face with both hands to plant one on me.

How you get so serene and peaceful when we go for stroller walks in the late afternoons. Without fail, it instantly calms you. You are such an outdoor baby.

How you manage to do at least one adorable thing every single day, and how you have made my heart grow tenfold since the day you arrived.

How you have made me a better version of myself, and though I often don't know what the heck I'm doing, your smiles make me feel like I'm doing something right. 

Words can't do justice to how my heart swells with love for you, my beautiful baby girl. Thank you for giving me the honor of my life in letting me be your mom. It is the best job I have ever had.

3 Month Photo

Maggie, 3 months (photo compliments of Lindsey Smith)

Who is a little behind? This sweet thing turns 9 months next week, but this photo was just too beautiful not to post. We loved it so much, we used it for our 2011 Christmas card, with the caption "Best Gift Ever" because she absolutely is.
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