Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Toes in the Sand...

Ah, the beach. No two words can do more for my state of mind, truly. And the one person who knows that best (Craig) surprised me with a spur-of-the-moment, "everything has been handled, just pack your bags" trip to Destin last weekend! Though I love wedding planning, it had gotten to a point that a break was just what we needed to push through these dog days of summer. I officially have the best fiance in the world. :)

We had the best time hanging out with our friends Melissa and Jevin who are quite possibly some of my favorite people to be around. Melissa had found a crazy awesome deal for an unbelievable beachfront condo, which had the best view of the Gulf of Mexico you've ever seen. I kept saying I felt like Jay-Z all weekend.

Between dinner at Red Bar (naturally), oysters on the half shell at Boathouse, and the best boiled shrimp I've ever tasted, I definitely got my seafood fix. We also had a seaside open-air bar where we saddled up for drinks as the waves crashed behind us, the wind blowing our hair, pretty much a textbook weekend at the beach.

Here are some highlights...

I mean seriously, look at that water.

One of Melissa's beloved "candid" shots. I look like I'm asking him "How's my hat?"

All smiles and suntans!

Enjoying the view from the marina after leaving the Boathouse - one of my favorite establishments.

To enjoy these! Raw oysters, how I love thee...

Who rememembers AJ's as the spring break standard? We definitely went there too. And we LOVED it!

The biggest laugh we got all weekend was the tan line Craig rocked after the first day at the beach. Apparently his swim trunks were pulled up a little higher than he thought, and he had a distinct division of red versus white skin right at his belly button. I definitely called him an old man for rocking that sense of style!

Until the next trip...


  1. Did your fiance go to VT? It's hard to find other fans in this area!

  2. No, but he's from Blacksburg and is probably the biggest fan you will ever find! How funny!


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