Sunday, July 19, 2009

Puppy Dog Eyes

A few months ago, I started spending my free Sundays at the Nashville Humane Association, which is in my opinion the Ritz of all dog shelters, and a great way to get involved if you're like me and want a dog but don't have the place for one at the moment. It is definitely one of the best organizations I've been a part of, and one that's close to my heart. I adopted my sweet dog, Dixie, from the Birmingham shelter back in 2002 when I was a senior in college, and she lived with me for six blissful years. Since I've moved to Nashville, she's enjoyed her new home with my parents, since I'm on the go so much and wouldn't be able to give her the attention she needs. She definitely lives a life of luxury with them - my Dad even gives her two "cookies" each morning for breakfast. :)

Dixie, at home in Alabama on Easter Sunday 2008

The NHA is amazingly clean, very well-run, volunteer-driven, and most importantly, the animals are treated wonderfully. The best part is seeing how super-excited the dogs are to see you the minute you walk through the door with a leash in hand. You have to be made of stone if your heart doesn't break a little looking at their sweet faces!

I took advantage of the beautiful weather this afternoon (mid-70's in the middle of July? Yes please!) and took several dogs out for a walk/run on the trail in the back. Some of them only get walked once a day so you can imagine their excitement to get out of their kennels and enjoy the sunshine. I always get a good mix of bigger dogs that are full of energy and nearly have me skiing behind them to those that are smaller and a bit more shy, and would just as much love a tummy rub as a walk on the trail. The puppies are always the first to go, and since I usually volunteer on Sundays, there are rarely any left from the weekend once I get there. Today though, I had the great pleasure of passing by the Puppy Room and seeing the most adorable little black and white puppies you have ever laid eyes on. It was everything I could do not to adopt one on the spot.

The best part of the day by far was taking Ellie, one of the "Featured Dogs" out for a walk, only to come back and find her new owners waiting for her. They had just signed the papers to adopt her and were so excited to take her home. When you see loving families make the decision to bring one home, it's the best feeling in the whole world.

Ellie, one of the NHA dogs who found a new home today!
P.S. One of the big reasons I chose the girls at A Delightful Day to help me coordinate the wedding was because they give 3% of the profits from each wedding package to the NHA. Way to go, ladies!

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