Thursday, November 24, 2011

Maggie's Monthly Milestones: 3 Months!

Oh Maggie, when you read this when you are a teenager (if blogs are still around then) don't be embarrassed when you see that I am a big ball of emotions tonight. I am writing you this on Thanksgiving Eve, and I have such a full, happy, grateful heart that it might just overflow. It is after midnight and I'm thinking about all the things I have to be thankful for this year, but you absolutely top the list. I think back to Thanksgiving last year, and how you weren't even a twinkle in our eye yet. I used November 19 as the start date in all my pregnancy calculators to tell me when you would arrive, and now here we are, a year later, and you are alive and well, making your dad and I fall in love with you more every minute. How could I have known the joy you would bring? All I know is I simply cannot imagine life without you. You, my dear daughter, make Thanksgiving so much more special. How much sweeter life is with you in it!

So I've not been on top of our monthly photo sessions, and usually realize we need to do them a few days after your monthly birthday has passed, but your dad and I did sing happy birthday to you on your 3 month birthday. You smiled at us and my heart swelled. In fact, you smile at us a lot in the morning, which is just about the most perfect start to a day I could ask for. And we all know I am NOT a morning person. But you have made me become a lot less grumpy.
I have a closet full of adorable clothes for you, but I end up snapping your picture in whatever "play clothes" you happen to have on at the moment, because I don't have the heart to change you into something less comfortable and risk you having a meltdown before picture time. I kind of like that you're not all done up in your finest duds though, and that we capture you just as you are. Because you really are one cute kid (though you have taken after your dad in the picture-taking department and are not even remotely a fan).
However, because I did have to break down and buy you a proper smocked gown (and was a sucker for this hot pink number because you are absolutely infatuated with polka dots) I had to snap a quick picture of you in it. You seem to be debating if it was worth the outfit change.
So, since we have a trip down to Alabama planned for early tomorrow morning and Mommy needs to get her behind to bed, I'll go ahead and get to your monthly milestones. Oh and right now, I'm watching you sleep soundly on the monitor in your brand new Halo Sleep Sack - you have been busting out of your Miracle Blanket for about a week so we had to find a new trick. This seems to be working out nicely, because you have barely moved since we put you down. That's my girl...
Weight: 12 lbs, 6 oz. Goodness, you are growing! We actually went and got you weighed today, and got the thumbs up from the nurse on how you're tracking. Makes this mama so proud to know that breastfeeding is making you grow so big. I remember thinking I would never make it to three months nursing, but now I feel like I could do it in my sleep (and sometimes do!).
Height: ?? I'm not sure - we'll get this checked next month at your four month appointment, but I definitely put a onesie with footies on you the other night and your toes could have busted the seams. I reluctantly decided it was time to add those to the "officially outgrown" pile - man, they were one of my favorite pairs!
Clothes: 3-6 months. Though a few 0-3 month things will still work, you have pretty much outgrown all the clothes that took up the majority of your closet before you arrived. I loved how easy it was to put you in a short-sleeved onesie or even your Baptist Hospital t-shirt and a diaper for the first few months of your life, and am trying to get the hang of putting you in layers and long-sleeves! I've also started trying to put shoes on you - since you've been a barefoot baby for most of these first three months!
Eye color: Still a dark bluish-green. Here's hoping they'll stay hazel and not turn brown!
Doctor's orders: No visits to the doc other than the weight check-up. Your next appointment is on December 14 and you have to get the second round of shots. I truly hate those more than you do.
Biggest accomplishment: You have become Queen of Tummy Time! You really just got the hang of it this last week, but now you don't even cry when we put you down on your tummy. You'll sit up on those chubby arms and look at everything around you, cooing and sometimes even smiling. This is a big improvement, since before you had a three minute max! Also, one night last week you rolled over, which took you and us both by surprise!
How we spend our day: I started back working two weeks ago, but thankfully I'm in the office only two days a week and working from home the other three. You like to wake up around 7 a.m. and Dad gets you and brings you to our room so I can give you your breakfast feeding. You are usually pretty hungry but after about 20 minutes nursing, you lay back on our propped-up knees and give us the biggest and best smiles of the day while we play. You are so stinkin' happy in the morning, which you HAVE to get from your dad. After that, you go back down for a mid-morning nap, which is by far the longest one of the day. Once you wake up from that, I change you out of your pajamas and we do some kind of activity - tummy time, reading books, activity mat, etc. - until you get sleepy again and go back down for a nap in your Snugabunny seat, which you love. I try to get things done around the house or run errands until you wake up, then nurse again and have more play time. You've started to really like Baby Einstein, so sometimes I'll put on a video that you'll watch with wide-eyed wonder. When Dad gets home, I hand you over so he can get some "Maggie time" while I try to figure out something for dinner. He is wonderful to lend a helping hand or offer to pick something up, which I so appreciate. I used to love to come up with new things in the kitchen but I have no idea when I'll find the time to do that anytime soon, so I'm leaning on recipes from memory. After dinner, we have family playtime (or bathtime twice a week) and then you'll nurse once or twice more before going down for the night. You love to be swaddled and read to before bed - your current favorite book is "Bear Snores On." I try to loosely follow the acronym E.A.S.Y. which I read about in Secrets of A Baby Whisperer, which is Eat, Activity, Sleep, You Time. It seems to work really well for you, unless you're going through a growth spurt and it's more like, Eat, Eat, Eat, Sleep!
Likes: All the same things from 2 months - early mornings playing in the bed with mom and dad, polka dots in any form or fashion - you will just stare at them as if you are mesmerized!, and being swaddled when you're sleepy. You also seem to like when I sing the ABC's and Pat-A-Cake, seeing yourself in the mirror, your new Play and Learn Puppy your Uncle Dan bought you, and inspecting your toes when you're sitting up - which you're doing so well! You can sit up in your bumbo without help now, and love to be facing out when you're sitting on a lap.
Dislikes: You seem to be warming up more and more to bath time, so I wouldn't even consider it a dislike anymore. You definitely don't like outfit changes, which we have to do quite frequently because of your tendency to have the occasional "blowout."
Trips You've Taken: We've pretty much stayed put this month, since you traveled so much last month, but we've still taken you out to restaurants and twice to church. You slept through the entire service both times, despite the loud worship music. I know we're probably pushing our luck, but you're such a good baby, we can't help it!
Sweetest Moment: Seeing your Dad get down on the floor with you and helping you to do Tummy Time, or really just seeing him with you anytime. He is so in love with you, Maggie. And I fall more in love with him when I see the two of you together.
You are an absolute joy, Maggie, and though there are many times I've messed up and misread your cues or done something wrong, you are really such an easy baby. I am so excited that we get to experience our first holidays with you, and surround you with friends and family over these next few weeks. May you always know how much you are loved!
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