Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ode to Indigo

I'm back and so very refreshed! A little trip down to the coast was just what I needed to recharge my batteries. Yay for renewed energy. So I'd like to turn my attention to the fact that as I have probably mentioned before, my wedding colors are midnight blue, platinum and ivory - a nod to our New Year wedding that is now 131 days away (not that I'm counting). So rather than think about all the To-Do's left on my list, and all the checkboxes left unchecked on that pesky checklist provided by The Knot that makes me feel oh-so behind, I'd like to just point out that I think I may have lucked out and chosen this season's hottest color, as I'm seeing it turn up everywhere in clothes, jewelry, handbags, you name it. Midnight Blue, Indigo, Navy - it's everywhere! Don't believe me? Well while I was at the beach I made a little stop by the J.Crew outlet and bought this little number at a great price...

Don't you just LOVE it? Just like I used to do when my mom and I went shopping for back-to-school clothes, I immediately came home and modeled it for Craig (who from now on will be referred to as Mr. T - no reason, I just think it's cute to call him that on here). I would do the same thing after my mom and I did our department store shopping blitz, and would parade around the house in my new clothes so my parents could tell what a fine job I did in picking them out. Some habits die hard. Anyway, love the shirt - when I checked out the clerk said she had bought it in every color she loved it so much. I resisted the urge to do the same...

So as I was saying, I've really started seeing this color pop up everywhere - maybe it's always been there and I'm just more aware since it is a wedding color and always in the back of my brain somewhere, but I choose to think I've just got one hot color on my hands. Just browsing J.Crew and Banana Republic (two of my standby stores) gave me the following. See exhibit A:

Always a fan of the shirtdress - I think it's the perfect day-to-night ensemble, don't you?

Exhibit B:

This reminds me of a cocktail dress I'd wear to a grown-up cocktail party - something that doesn't show much skin so the blue hairs approve but still screams sexy the way it hugs the curves. And the pleating at the top is perfection...

Exhibit C & D:

OK, so this may be a wee bit too J.Lo for my taste, but we've got a drop waist dress and a fabulous hat to boot! Bonus points for rocking a blue accessory - don't know that I could do that, but I'd sure like to try.

Exhibit E:

Well speaking of accessories, THAT is one magnificent cocktail ring, don't you think? But please don't buy it- 'cause I'm about to. :)

And finally, Exhibit F for Fab-U-Lous:

Who wouldn't love to have this handbag by your side? Love the color, love the fabric, love the black shiny handles. This may just be my new handbag for fall/winter. Wow, I am SUCH a girl...


  1. I would love to have that handbag by my side. I love this color blue- it's blonde's dream come true!

  2. Great finds and yes, the color has always been a fashion staple but the manufacturers and designers seem to be introducing indigo and navy for fall


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