Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Ones

Since we're on the subject of attire, let's talk flower girls. I am so excited to have my dear friends' daughter (who also happens to share a name with Yours Truly) be our fabulous little flower girl. And this chick might be one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Just get a load of that face - think she has her Daddy wrapped around her finger? Me too.

So here we are with our lovely little winter wedding (which is getting bigger by the day!) and I keep thinking that this girl has got to have some GUTS to walk down that big scary aisle with all of those people looking at her. And not to mention, she's three years old. So the way I see it, we've got to find one amazing little dress that she can feel like a princess in, so she'll want to strut her stuff down the aisle. (And also place her dear parents nearby in the event of a case of stage fright). So I'm asking you, dear readers, where do I find such a fabulous flower girl dress? I've heard good things about Strasburg but I want to be sure and explore my options. Any ideas?

And just because I came across these pics and they're too cute not to share, check out these little angels. I give them all an A+ on their attire...and the halo of flowers is exactly what I had always envisioned for my wedding. I just LOVE it!


  1. My flower girl, Kearstyn, wore a dress from Strausburg. Lydia and Anderson's outfits were from there too. They have a bunch of cute stuff.

  2. j. crew's flower girl selections are just too cute.

  3. There are currently three dresses in my aunts possession to try on my FG. The FG is currently in Colorado with her mom, my MOH!

    At any rate, 2 dresses are from Flower Girl Dresses for Less (got figure) and one is from J. Crew.

    My aunt used to sew and smock heirloom dresses so is a TOTAL fabric snob. She's not hating the FGFL dresses. Amazing. You might want to check it out!


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