Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to the Beach

So it seems I'm headed back to Destin for one last getaway before fall officially begins. I wish I could say this was purely for pleasure like the last trip was, but it's actually business-related. I do, however, think this couldn't be better timed. I feel like I've been swimming upstream lately with all the last-minute decisions to make about our new home (which we have been informed we will be closing on September 17 - woot!) plus everything at work picking up the pace, much less a wedding to plan! There just aren't enough hours in the day. So I'll be at an AAF conference for a good part of both days, but I'm not above sneaking in some pool time between sessions. And yes, I do solemnly swear to wear my SPF, though I'm very tempted to drench myself in baby oil to soak up that last bit of summer glow. :)

And speaking of skin, (don't you love my subtle segways?) I have to give a big shout-out to Amy Lynn Larwig, who did my makeup consult last night. Can I just say that she is just fabulous? I'm so glad I went with the Budget Savvy Bride's recommendation and booked her! We basically took over Craig's living room (she brings a suitcase of makeup and supplies - how fun is that?) for the better part of two hours and talked about my vision for hair and makeup on the Big Day. I won't share the finished product but I will share my inspiration. Feast your eyes on these lovelies...

Beautiful up-do with hair flower? Check.

An adorable half-up bouffant? Check.
P.S. I am in love with this whole wedding, by the way, which you can see here.

Another romantic half-up option? Reminds me of Jennifer Anniston's hair when she married Brad Pitt. Check.

Fabulous messy updo AND perfect make-up? Way to rock it, Eva. Double check.

Are those fake eyelashes I see? Yes please. And Amy Lynn promises she has some great natural-looking ones that pump up the volume. I'm biting the bullet and doing it. Don't judge.

Or perhaps you prefer a sideswept, slightly messy updo? Got that too. Check.

Let's end on one of my very favorites, shall we? Love the height on her hair in that photo at the bottom. I'm not afraid to rock the teasing comb, either.

Decisions, decisions! So let's hear it ladies, which one is your favorite?


  1. Great timing! I love all these choices. I so wish I had bangs as I'd rock the half-up bouffant any day. Sadly, bangs and me don't go together. Actually, anything but all one length does nothing for me. Trust me, I think I've made every attempt to combat the realities of my hair. Sadly, I now just go with the flow!

    Anyway, I love all thsese styles. Love them. I hear Amy Lynn is awesome!

  2. them all, but the first one is the one that steals my heart - it's too precious. However, hard to wear with a veil - so in that case the last one. Elliott said he would get you some "Bump-its" for that oh so perfect coif. Okay those are my words, not Elliott's - but he would still buy you the Bump-its!

  3. I really like Eva's hair and I like the one that is the Jennifer Aniston one as well. :)

  4. Thanks for the feedback, ladies! Candcie - the bump-its are too much. Why didn't I think of that? :)


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