Friday, August 28, 2009


So I have to gush again. I know, you guys hate it when I get all girly and do this. But if it bothers you I'm sorry but it's my blog, and I'll gush if I want to. :)

Alert the press: Mr. T surprised me with tickets (in the VIP suite, nonetheless) to see Keith Urban tomorrow night in concert! Yee haw!!

I mean, do I have the best man on the planet or what? I'm so excited - I should be president of the Keith Urban Fan Club- he's got crazy talent, illegally good looks, and an Australian accent. Sigh. And it speaks volumes that Mr. T is willing to sit there and watch me go ga-ga over another man, just because being in the presence of such genius makes me blissfully happy. Which is precisely why there are about 2,000 reasons why I love him so very much.

Funny story...I can remember when we went to see Keith Urban in concert last summer at LP Field (it was actually a Kenny Chesney concert but Keith totally stole the show) and Mr. T and I had only been dating a couple of months. I remember getting dolled up for that date and agonizing over what to wear when lo and belold, he shows up at my doorstep in an AC/DC shirt. To a COUNTRY concert. Bless his heart. But even still, he was so very handsome to me. :)

Evidence of the shirt

Our awesome seats, which will only get more awesome this year!

The only picture I managed to take last year - too bad it was his bum!

So I plan to put on my Greatest Hits CD on my way home from work, dig out my cowboy hats from the back of the closet, and start my Saturday night with a rousing rendition of one of my favorites, "You Look Good In My Shirt." Can't. Freakin. Wait.

Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. Hey girl!!!

    Brent & I are going to the concert tooooo!!!

    We are SO excited!

    Are yall doing anything before? We are planning on going to The Palm for drinks before... I'd love if yall joined us!!

    either way! Have fun girl!!!


  2. I totally agree with you on your assessment of Keith...he's ALL THAT and MORE!! You'll have a great time at the concert - be prepared for him to send a shout-out to all of you in the VIP boxes! You're lucky your man will go with you to see him...mine doesn't mind that I go (and I've seen Keith over 30 times **ssshhh, don't tell that to anyone, they'll think I'm crazy! lol**) but he doesn't want to be there with me. :( Too bad you didn't get floor seats though...this tour they're letting anyone on the floor go right up by the stage and stand!! It's awesome! You can get to within a few feet of Keith and watch that genius up close and personal!! I'm eternally spoiled now...nothing less than right at the stage will do for me now! He's also going to announce something big at the concert tonite!! Wonder what that will be??? I love your webpage too...very cool! Have a great time with Keith, and say Hi for me! LOL


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