Friday, August 7, 2009

Behold the Bridesmaid Dress!

Because it's Friday, and my mind is already on vacation, I'll keep it short and sweet today (just like the dress!).

I chose this dress from this adorable place on a super-fun shopping trip with my future sister-in-law, Treva, and her daughter, my future niece and junior bridesmaid, Amber. Amber was like my very own little dress-up doll, trying on all the options for me and twirling around in the mirror. The girls at Bella Bridesmaid could not have been any sweeter, and their swanky new digs made for an intimate, personal and most of all FUN shopping experience. Just like my wedding dress, it was one of the first ones I gravitated to and ended up being the chosen one. I'm having my four bridesmaids (shout outs to Stacy, Summer Candice & Marcie) wear it in a beatiful midnight blue color called "Deep Sapphire" and my two junior bridesmaids (sweet nieces Katelyn and Amber) wear it in this fabulous titanium, to keep with our wedding colors of midnight blue and silver. For our ivory accents, they'll be carrying either small bouquets of flowers in shades of cream, white and ivory - which flowers, TBD - or lanterns, an idea I stole from my personal trainer, Brooke Rosolino, whose wonderful winter wedding was featured here. We actually have the same wedding day (January 2), and are getting married in the same chapel (how I love Scarritt-Bennett, sigh) the only difference was hers was 2009 and mine is 2010! Great minds really do think alike. :)

Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. That lantern idea is pretty cool!!! Never seen it done before...nifty!!! Yes, I just said nifty ;)

  2. LOVE this dress! And I LOVE Priscilla of Boston in general. I have a Priscilla dress that I wore in a friend's wedding that I have since worn to a couple of events! So pretty and yet so not-bridesmaidy (if that makes sense!) I am currently trying to decide between a couple of their styles for my own bridesmaids! :) Love it, girlie!

  3. My girls are wearing Vineyard dresses too! Your wedding is going to be beautiful!!!

  4. Oooh, lanterns - that sounds really cool!!


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