Monday, August 31, 2009

Football Fever

So you may or may not know I love college football. And by love I mean I loooooooooooove it.
And my team of choice is and always has been the one and only Alabama Crimson Tide. Let's pause here and pay our tribute...

Growing up in Tuscaloosa, it's pretty much a way of life you learn from the time you're knee-high, and it's a Saturday tradition I plan to continue. There's just something about settling in on my sofa with my lucky t-shirt on to watch a game at home or better yet going to a game and being surrounded by a sea of crimson and white shakers to the tune of the Alabama fight song - oh man, my heart is beating faster just thinking about it!

So today is officially the start of game week, which will culminate in our first game of the season this Saturday in a showdown against Virginia Tech at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Allow me to add that Mr. T is as big of a Virginia Tech fan as I am of my Tide. And there's been some trash talking from both sides for about the past six months about who's going down. Now add to that the fact we're getting in a car on Friday and going to this game, AND that our seats are together (on the Virginia Tech side, nonetheless). What was I thinking? I fear as though this is a fight just waiting to happen...

Anyway, some sweet friends of ours (we love you, Ben and Rachel!) are kind enough to throw us an engagement party at Stats before the big game, which is pretty much the most amazing sports bar ever invented. Apparently there is even a pour-your-own-beer system. That's trouble, folks. But fun trouble!

I am so excited to have our friends coming in their game day finest, to celebrate a big day of college football rivalry with us. Friends, football and the start of fall - it doesn't get much better than that.

So who is your team of choice? And for all my fellow Bama fans, can I get a roll tide? :)


  1. Rooooooooooooooooooollllllllllll TIDE ROLL!!!!

  2. Roll Tide, girlie! :) Like you, I am so ready for football season to begin! I'm looking forward to making a few trips to Bryant Denney stadium for days filled with good friends, tailgating, and, of course, Crimson Tide football! :) You guys are going to have a great time this weekend! Totally jealous - wish I was heading to Atlanta!

  3. It's taken me 3 months to figure out how to post a comment on my sweet fiance's blog. I admire her creativity and her ability to paint a story with words. I'm truly proud of her. In parting, I'm throwing out a little "GO HOKIES!!" Saturday can't get here soon enough.


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