Friday, August 14, 2009

Hotlanta Hiatus

What a crazy week it's been! I had to head to Atlanta for a work event on Wednesday and have been so incredibly busy since I got back yesterday. Two day work week = good, feeling like you'll never catch up = very, very bad. So I have to interrupt all this wedding talk to introduce you to one of my absolutely favorite stores, H&M, which just opened in Atlanta last year. Naturally, I had to make a pit stop. What makes this place so great, you ask? Oh, probably just the thousands of square feet that house some of the cutest and trendiest fashion you've ever laid your eyes on, at prices that make you think you're mistaken. I think the most expensive thing I looked at cost under $50! You just can't beat it. Here are some of my current favorites for the fall:

Yes, folks that is indeed a romper in the top left. Appparently they're back baby, and they're cuter than ever (if you have the body to pull it off, which I definitely do not. Which is why I laughed hysterically when I tried it on in the fitting room.) Anyway.

I also love the distressed denim vest, though I'm not certain I could pull it off without channeling my inner Cyndi Lauper. But the jackets are to. die. for. Love the bomber and love the fur collar. They're great pieces for those chilly fall nights that I know will be coming our way soon. (And by the way, I am not complaining about the heat because this has been one of the most excellent summers weather-wise I can remember. We haven't had one 100 degree day yet - which are pretty commonplace in my native state of Alabama).

Which brings me to my next season!!! Anyone who knows me at all knows I'm a big fan of my Alabama Crimson Tide, and I love to say with pride that my hometown is Tuscaloosa. A big part of my childhood was watching those Saturday games with my Pops, and I still think there are few things in life better than being in Bryant-Denny Stadium. That said, my Alabama boys will be starting the season off in Atlanta on September 5 against Virginia Tech, which just so happens to be the team that my sweet fiance pulls for. And by pulls for, I mean he's pretty diehard. As in, he has superstitions about where the remote can be placed when he's watching a game. It's actually a little scary. But at least we have the love of football in common, even if we may not be on speaking terms after this game is over. We're heading down to Atlanta for the game, and our sweet friends Ben and Rachel (who also happen to be Virginia Tech fans, though I won't hold that against them) are throwing a party for us at a sports bar close to the Georgia Dome (where the game will be held at 8 p.m. that day) to celebrate our engagement! The invitation came in the mail last week and I squealed with delight when I saw it. It says, and I quote, "The Hokies and The Tide are coming together to celebrate the engagement of Craig Turman and Lillian Quarles" and has our team logos in the corners - too cute! I can't wait to sport my crimson and white with pride. :)

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  1. hi lillian! sorry to keep commenting on your blog about the freebie giveaway...but the thing is, i have already emailed you at your gmail address a few days ago but i think it's in your spam folder? just need a mailing address for you!


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