Monday, November 29, 2010

We Gobbled Til We Wobbled

We're back from a gloriously gluttonous Thanksgiving in Virginia, full of food, family, fun and football! If you made me pick, I'd have to say these were the highpoints:

Descending upon a table that looked pretty much identical to this one, and enjoying every last homemade bite. Sidneote: my MIL is a to die for cook, and she always pulls it together so effortlessly, while I manage to turn my kitchen into a disaster zone. I honestly don't know how she does it, all I know is it's delicious.

Finding matching Virginia Tech (husband's team) pajama pants for these two cuties, who do love their pajamas, as you can see by this photo taken at the end of our wedding night. They changed but kept dancing! We did Christmas early after our Thanksgiving feast since married life means rotating for the holidays. Sidenote: I am now on Team Early Christmas Shopping - it will change your life!

And speaking of Christmas gifts, I have to share the most adorable Christmas serving pieces my sweet sister-in-law got us. They are from Mud Pie and I am in love with them. Perfect for all the entertaining we'll be doing over the next few weeks...

And finally, because I am of course going to gloss right over the fact that my team gave it away to Auburn by one point in the most heartbreaking Iron Bowl I have ever witnessed, I'll give another shout out to Mr. T's team, who pulled out a sweet victory over UVA and got themselves a spot in the ACC Championship. Go Hokies! Sidenote and Disclaimer: kindly disregard my Dr. Seuss scarf and headband - it was ridiculously FRIGID and I needed as many coverings as I could get. I would have worn a ski mask if I could have found one at the store in the stadium.

So now we're back and setting our sights on Christmas. I've talked Mr. T into a real, live, yummy-smelling Christmas tree this year (my first real one ever!) and I can't wait to get it decorated. Now if only my finished product could look something like this. Sidenote: do not ever go to this site unless you want a good dose of decor envy.

I mean, could this BE any cozier? I can almost smell the apple cider smell coming from the kitchen.

Hope your Thanksgivings were lovely and your Christmas countdowns have begun!


  1. We went to a VT game and loved it (our best friends are fans!)

  2. I am LOVING those christmas platters!!!!


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