Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

As you know I have been really, REALLY good this year. I've learned to cook dinner most nights of the week for Mr. T. and he actually seems to enjoy my feeble attempts. I've walked the pound puppies at the local Humane Society and not snuck one out though I'm always tempted to do that. I've even started a monthly budget, increased my retirement savings plan, and drastically reduced my "personal splurge" category from what it used to be back in my single days. All this to say that if you could please just bring this one little bitty thing, I would be ever so grateful and will try my best not to ask for anything ever again.

That's it. Just a big, fat H&M store in my neck of the woods. Now, I've heard a little rumor that one may be coming to Nashville at the Green Hills Mall in place of Davis-Kidd, but I am not going to let myself get excited about that possibility until it happens.

You've already brought me such happiness with boutiques like Blush in Belle Meade, Muse on West End, and Hemline at the Hill Center, and my wardrobe (not my wallet) thanks you for that. So if you could just make an H&M happen, you would be my new, albeit fictitious, best friend.

Yours truly,
A Bride In Boots


  1. I hope you get your H&M! I love ours but have tried to limit my visits lately. When I do visit our H&M I do some serious damage :)

  2. I would love love love H&M. {and it would make my wallet a hell of a lot happier than Anthropologie}. I know another thing you can add to your list ... My mom's boot painting ... If you are interested, let me know, she would sell it for $300. Love the new background!

  3. oh my goodness, that would be awesome!! and maybe add an ikea while your at it! :)

  4. @ Project Life - seriously? I'm telling my husband it's on my list! That is one awesome painting.


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