Monday, November 15, 2010

Hallowed Ground

It just so happened that on my 24 hour trip to New York City, my hotel was about 1/2 a mile from Ground Zero. I've been to New York several times since 9/11, but had never visited the site. I had a couple of hours of free time between landing and my evening event, so I decided to walk the perimeter of the space. Nothing - and I mean nothing - could have prepared me for that vision of nothingness where the twin towers of the World Trade Center once stood. And to be there the day before Veteran's Day - well, you can only imagine how poignant that was. I was acutely aware that I was standing on hallowed ground, and overwhelmingly grateful for the sacrifices that were made that day by the ordinary heroes of the New York Fire Department.

Nine years later...

"The City's Bravest" - this was a makeshift memorial right beside the NYFD fire station.

"Thank you" doesn't seem enough...

The door to the station - literally across the street from Ground Zero.

"Dedicated To Those Who Fell And To Those Who Carry On"

"May We Never Forget..."


  1. i went to ground zero about 8 months after 9/11 and it was so heartbreaking and sad. i just had a feeling i had never felt before. my heart sank for every single person and their families...actually it still does, i get chills about it all the time :(

  2. I also visited this past week, the day after you on Veteran's day. I had never been until that day. It really was overwhelming to see it. I can't imagine what those who lived there and were in those buildings and their families have gone through.

  3. We went to ground zero in April. I couldn't believe how I was overwhelmed with such emotion. Amazing tribute.

  4. I agree that "May we never forget" and that than you never seems enough. It's so true!
    I hope one day I can go and visit that site one day.


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