Friday, November 5, 2010

Thought Processes and Anniversaries

So as I busted out my wool coat this morning (seriously Old Navy - mad props on the cobalt blue coat with ruffle collar) and walked out into the brisk, okay, frigid temps, my throught process went something like this:

"Whoa, I haven't felt these kind of temps in a while, I think I shall use my seat warmer."

Which led to...

"Does it always feel like this in early November in Nashville? Whoa, November. Which means December is next month. Hmmm, wonder if I should give Christmas Village a try this year."

Which led to...

"Christmas! Let me look at my handy-dandy 'Days Until' App and see how many shopping days there are. 50!!! Holy smokes. Maybe I'll do all my shopping on Etsy this year. That would be a fun blog post. But then any family members who read my blog would know what they're getting. Oooh, I need to get that wedding album done for my mom. I gave our photographer the photo list months ago. What is taking him so long?"

Which led to...

"Photographer. Wedding. First Wedding Anniversary. Fast approaching first wedding anniversary. What is the traditional first year gift - paper? How boring. What I'd really love is to go somewhere fun. Somewhere a bit warmer. Somewhere preferably in the states. Somewhere like..."


Okay, that may not have been exactly how it went, seeing as we booked the trip a few weeks ago and it has been all I can think about ever since, but oh my goodness, oh my gosh, I am SO stinkin' excited. And besides, that was a way better and more dramatic lead-in, don't you think? We literally found the place in a matter of days and had it booked in a nanosecond. I would love to tell you all about the fabulous accommodations we found right on the coast where we're staying but I'm afraid of sketchy blog stalkers out there so you'll just have to wait for the recap on that.

First anniversary, west coast style. Fist. Pump. No wonder "California Love" has been on replay in my head for days now...

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  1. oh california, you will LOVE it!!! it's the best place in the home :) you will have an amazing time and amazing weather. cant wait to see what adventures you have :)
    if i knew what areas you were going, i could tell you places you should go :)


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