Friday, December 3, 2010

I Believe, I Believe!

I am not, nor will I ever be, a DIY kind of gal. I know it must be so fun to casually say "oh it's just something I made" when friends come over and freak out about how creative something is that you whip together from scratch, but me? I'd rather pay the professionals and get it done right the first time. Because Lawd knows it would most likely turn into an anxiety-ridden disaster of why mine didn't turn out at all like the picture from which I was inspired.

That said, this morning while doing my daily dose of blog stalking over a steaming hot cup of french vanilla-flavored coffee, I came across the most adorable little DIY banner on one of my new favorite blogs, At Second Street. Y'all. It is so easy, even a caveman could do it. And I LOVE easy.

Allow me to share the love with all my fellow believers! Presenting the easiest holiday decor ever.

The fun font! The simple reminder! The EASE! Literally, you print the letters, cut them out, and thread them on ribbon. I am SUCH a fan.

And because we're on the subject of believing, allow me to share with you my new favorite Christmas song that has been stuck in my head all friggin' day, thanks to a coke commercial I saw last night. You are SO going to thank me for this...

Totally digging the video - it is just what I needed to put a smile on my face and remember that there is a Santa, and you can bet I believe. :)


  1. Look at you go MRS. DIY!

    I love that song too - I posted it on my blog not too long ago. Makes me want to dance! :)


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