Friday, December 17, 2010


So far this holiday season, I've learned how to make five new Christmas-themed recipes, searched high and low for four angel ornaments for my nieces, been to three holiday parties, have two more on the docket before Christmas gets here in one week (whoa), and have one much-anticipated trip to make home for the holidays.

Is it just me or does anyone else need a weekend of peace?

I feel like my head is spinning sometimes with all the outlook reminders (many self-imposed), shopping lists, grocery runs, and last-minute errands, that I need to remind myself to just stop for a minute, and focus on what matters. For me, that's my husband, my friends, my family (old and new), and the reason we celebrate in the first place - Christ's birth. The best thing I can do this time of year is just be still and soak in all the blessings that have come my way over the past year. Sometimes it is overwhelming to think about just how blessed we really are.

I know this is going to sound completely hypocritical, but unfortunately this weekend is already a wash - the infamous Tacky Sweater Party tonight, Titans/Texans Game Sunday (in a suite, thankfully - sister does not love watching football in 20 degree temps) and a little Garth Brooks on the docket for Sunday night makes for an already full (but very fun) weekend. What I'm really looking forward to is next weekend when we can relax with my family, celebrate Jesus' birth and how incredibly awesome it is that he had a birthday in the first place, and definitely do a little bit of this with my handsome husband by my side.

Wishing you a little peace and quiet, whenever and where ever you can find it!

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