Thursday, December 9, 2010

Away In A Manger

So, my little blogettes, remember a few months ago when my friend Liz and I headed down to Sips n Strokes in Franklin and painted this fun little guy?

No? Well, we did. And now that painting has a cousin that's on display just in time for Christmas:

It's no Picasso, but since I didn't have a nativity scene to put out, I thought this was a nice substitute. And y'all. Seriously SO much fun to do!

My friend Amber and I headed up to the new Hendersonville location on a cold Sunday afternoon and had this little beauty ready to take home in a mere three hours. We look pretty proud, don't we?

And yes, I refrained from "sipping" at this particular sips 'n strokes - I didn't want little baby Jesus to be mad at me if I messed him up in my painting. :)


  1. I LOOVE the nativity picture! Been wanting to check out sips and strokes for awhile now and your paintings are just my style.

  2. It looks great! Such a fun way to add a personal touch to your holiday decor :) I still can't get over how perfect your first painting of the boots is!


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