Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little Show-Stealers

Whew. The Mister and I had quite a whirlwind weekend with the in-laws (see previous post for how much I love them) - traveling to Virginia after work on Thursday (note to self: arrival of 1 a.m. is NOT a good idea - I hit my breaking point around midnight and just reclined my seat and snoozed until we got there - bad wife), spending a day at the pool with my sister-in-law (me) and playing golf with the brothers (him), family dinner tastefully cooked by my fabulous MIL, family reunion and highly anticipated hometown tour of the tiny town of Floyd, VA (where my FIL grew up), drinks and lots of funny stories with the brothers and their wives in downtown Blacksburg, and then a loooooong trip back to Nashville on Sunday. No wonder I was a complete zombie at work yesterday.

But we did get to see all his little nieces and nephews under one slightly chaotic roof, which rarely happens unless it's a holiday, and though they haven't quite warmed up to this new girl their uncle is bringing around, I think with a few more visits (and maybe a few toys to sweeten the pot) we might just make some progress. So with their cuteness fresh on my mind, I thought I'd share some photos of the little ones on our wedding day. They quite simply stole the show.

The queen of cuteness - Miss Lilly (flower girl)

Carly, niece of Mr. T (bell ringer)

Courtney, niece of Mr. T (bell ringer)

Lucas, nephew of Mr. T (and a dead ringer of Mr. T at his age), ring bearer

Lucas, nephew of Mr. T (and twin to Lucas), ring bearer

Posing with their uncle, the oh-so-handsome groom

Posing with me! (Funny story, they were totally freaked out because they thought THEY had to kiss the bride)

All the little ladies!

I think she liked my bouquet.

Quite possibly the most perfect flower girl EVER.

Dancing with Lucas, just before he went in for the kiss!

Just a couple of cowboys (in their PJ's) hanging in there until the very end.

I told you they stole the show!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love how cute all the kids are in their formal clothing! I also love the cowboy boots and pajamas! so cute

  2. How cute! I love the PJ shot. :)

  3. Sounds like you had a great (but super busy) weekend. Hope you can get some rest this week! The pictures are absolutely adorable! They are all too cute for words :)

  4. Oh yeah...you got some truly adorable and fantastic shots of all your little ones! I am sad to say that our stupid photographer did not get one single shot of my groom with any of the ring bearers or flower girl and the few shots he got of me with them are not good at all. I was highly disappointed with that part of our wedding photos...so these are making me truly jealous. Cherish them! :)


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