Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun Friday Find: Frame the Date!

Here's a fabulous find for your Friday! (Oh how the English major in me loves some alliteration).

Introducing Frame the Date - a fun way to capture and display the big dates in your life. I think this would make a fantastic (and personalized) wedding gift for close friends (or even for your hubby), or even an anniversary gift for parents or grandparents. And for you new and/or expecting parents, frame the date is a sweet and unique way to remember your little one's birthday (as if you would ever forget). Isn't this adorable?

You have options galore in terms of the framing, whether to include a photo or not, etc. and the like. I think it's genius. And you can bet one with 1-2-10 will be making it's way to my house. I think it would look great centered among a collection of gallery frames, filled with wedding day photos.

And speaking of wedding day photos, I was able to finagle a DVD of the hi-res images from our wedding photographer of our special day (not originally included in our package) so now we can design our own albums, print our own prints for family and friends, and basically do whatever we like with them! Woo to the hoo.

All you future brides, take note - this is definitely something worth asking about as you interview photographers. I'm discovering that little DVD is like a nugget of gold!!!

Hope your weekends are lovely!

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