Monday, November 23, 2009

Top Five Things I Am Thankful For...

So my good friend and fellow blogger Marcie had a great idea to do this post a few days ago, and because A) I liked it and want to steal her idea and B) I, too, have so many things to be thankful for, not to mention C) sometimes I want to do a blog post but don't know which morsel of information to share from the thousand things that are rolling around in my head, this is an easy out. At least I'm being honest. So in no particular order, here we go...

1. God - for the amazing ways he has blessed my life in the past year. I truly had no idea when I moved to Nashville almost two years ago that the Lord's hand was orchestrating something so beautiful in my little life. Now, here I am with a wonderful fiance, a new house, a great job, and a pretty fantastic life. I never want to take any of those blessings for granted, and have the most grateful heart. My cup overfloweth.

2. Mr. T - that incredible fiance of mine. I've had my fair share, scratch that-plenty of bridal meltdowns over the past few months, and this man has been so patient, so thoughtful, so understanding and so very kind. He truly knows me better than anyone else, and sees all my stubbornness and sassiness in full effect and yet somehow, he still loves me and never lets me forget it. I absolutely can't wait to walk down that aisle, say our vows, and marry my very best friend.

3. Family - Which just so happens to include my own and the one I'm about to inherit. Mr. T and I are so fortunate to have such amazing models for marriage in our parents. Mine encouraged me to chase every dream I ever had, and go whatever direction I needed to, even if that meant away from home. His raised him to be a man of character, integrity and purpose, and brought him up with a solid standard of morals and downright good sense. Not to mention his mom is one heck of a cook, and I'm hoping she'll share some recipes with me while we're visiting over the next few days. If we grow up to have half the marriage they each have, I'd say we'll be doing okay.

4. Nashville, my new home. This may seem like a silly thing to be thankful for, but ever since the first day I arrived in Nashville, it has truly felt like home to me. And somehow, deep in my heart of hearts, I knew it would, if I could ever just get here. It's not just the fact that I found it VERY cool that the CMA Awards were taped about two miles from our house, or that I am so proud to take friends to the Loveless Cafe while they're visiting. It's not even the fact that everytime I see that stinking skyline, as cheesy as it is, I smile a little, because I know I'm right where I'm supposed to be. It's really just the sense that I've found my place to land for a while, and it just feels right. Nashvillians unite.

5. Friends to "do life" with - near, far and everywhere in between. I really believe that friends are the family you pick. And I feel like I have picked some amazing people to be in my lifeboat. Some I've known for years and are like sisters to me. Some I've met since I've been in Nashville and already feel close as kin. And some have been placed in my path to share one experience or another at different points in my life, and will never even know what their friendship has meant to me. I hope they all know how much they are cherished. Life just wouldn't be the same without their sweet spirits, and I am better for having them around.

So in the spirit of thanksgiving, I urge you, dear readers, to pass it on and post what you're thankful for this year. Chances are, there is plenty! Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!


  1. Woo hoo blog shout out!!! P.S. We signed up for the Nashville music city marathon in April ;) Gonna need you to do it too! Can't wait to run around my old city! I, too, am thankful for Nashville :)

  2. Lil-
    This was your best post ever! It made me get a little teary eyed and really set the tone for this Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you for making me remember how truly blessed I am.

  3. Well said Lil. I don't think you could say it better. I'm most thankful for you.


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