Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake! Or not...

So it's time for another quick poll, blogosphere friends. I've pretty much decided to axe the traditions of the bouquet toss (to my single girlfriends' delight, though I do think it's pretty cute to play Beyonce's "Put A Ring On It" while they all scramble for the prize) due to the fact that I always despised participating at others' weddings. Partly because of the pressure if I actually caught the thing and partly because a bunch of women grasping for a bouquet because of some silly symbolism that they will be the next in line is just a little ridiculous. We've also scratched off the garter toss (to the delight of Mr. T's friends, who would probably have to be bribed with a beer to even participate) because to be honest, I don't like the idea of my 82-year old aunt seeing Craig dive under my wedding dress for a piece of lacy ribbon. Now for any of you who chose to do these things, don't hate. I totally support your decision and I hope you rocked it out. It's just not our style. And the beauty of getting married at 29 and 34 respectively is that those little "musts" just don't seem quite so important, especially as the number of single friends begin to dwindle. Just imagine, if it ended up being you and one other person out there, that would be a bit of a buzzkill.

The other decision I'm wrestling with is the beloved wedding cake. See exhibit A:

Now this is one of my favorites. She looks beautiful and delicious, the way the frosting is whipped all over. Yum. But underneath all that beauty, it's just wedding cake, and that doesn't get my engine going. Now I've seen some pretty cool updates on the classic cake from Martha and the like, from an over-the-top cupcake tree to a display of several homemade cakes and pies that are passed down family recipes. But my heart longs for something a little different. Something like this!

Melt in your mouth, perfectly drizzled and positively delicious Bananas Foster! No other dessert compares, in my book. So we're thinking a Bananas Foster Action Station, complete with an attendant who can flambe the dish right in front of you!How cool will that look on a cold winter's night? Quite.

Mr. T learned about my love of this dish early in our relationship and took me to the Mad Hatter for our three month anniversary, where we finished off a lovely dinner with one of the most divine versions I've ever had. I almost turned the plate sideways and licked it clean. I also hear Valentino's does one tableside, so it's next on my list. And any other suggestions will be duly noted.

So the question is, should we add a groom's cake or even a small supplemental wedding cake to make the traditional folks (and my traditionally-minded mother) happy? She said some people would be expecting it, and I would hate for them to be disappointed. And also, I realize not everyone loves Bananas Foster like I do, so maybe another option would be nice. Ah, the decisions we brides face...

(Oh, and we do have one other small surpise planned in the dessert department. Let's just say it goes quite well with our coffee bar. And policeman like them a lot. And it rhymes with schmosmut.)


  1. I love the Bananas Foster idea and do suggest having some kind of supplemental cake for you to 'cut into' to keep the tradition-minded crowd happy. We are doing the bouquet toss and garter toss (and we're 37 and 47 btw) :) But I agree that there won't be many single peeps out there looking for it. I am wrestling with what to do cuz I know there will be a few younger single girls that are dying to go for that thing. However, I am thinking I may instead hand off a 'toss' bouquet to the girl that *I* hope/want/wish will get married next. Afterall, it is my (our) day, so why shouldn't I have more of a say in who gets to be the 'next in line' rather than just leaving it to chance? The other option I'm toying with is having a bouquet that I can pull single flowers out of and hand them off to special peeps at the wedding like my mom, grandma, mentor, etc. Who knows? It's all so confusing!

  2. I love your dessert ideas! For a second dessert option I have had these cute little "chocolate lava cakes". It's a small cake with a crisp chocolate outside and melty chocolatey inside. They are individual and gorgeous. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a few strawberries and you've got a dessert just as beautiful as your banana fosters! I think if you have two options everyone will be happy! Plus you can always feed each other a bite of whatever dessert that is served in place of the cutting the cake and feeding each other.
    Your wedding is going to be so beautiful Lillian! I am so excited for you!

  3. I definitely think you should take the unoriginal route and serve Bananas Foster!!! Thanks for coming by my blog - yours is cute too!

    I know I am not supposed to give you a recipe unless you win my giveaway but I had a diff version of bananas foster at a company event last year that was amazing and would be cool to serve at a wedding. Picture a deep fried empanada filled with bananas and sugar, covered in sugar and caramel sauce! Something like this...

    Maybe you could also serve them with bananas and vanilla ice cream! Yummmm!


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