Thursday, November 19, 2009

For the Love of the 80's

Without further adieu, here are the much-anticipated photos from our fabulously fun 80's themed wedding shower last weekend, hosted by sweet friends of ours Lauren Wade and Stephanie Delcambre, aka the hostesses with the mostest. These girls thought of everything - starting with an 80's themed invitation with a splatter paint border to announce the party, a subtle threat to all invitees to dress up or not be admitted, an 80's soundtrack that rocked all night, a fire pit, Firefly, and glow sticks as party favors. Seriously, how could you NOT enjoy that?

So behold my handsome fiance...

The man is clearly not afraid of a dress up party. I was flipped over drying my hair getting ready (the bigger the better, right?) and when I stood up, there he stood in the bathroom in all his 80's glory. I screamed for a solid five seconds. And then I laughed hysterically.

I actually love him a little more for his willingness to go all out. P.S. Please forgive the smoky effect on the photo - that fire pit was putting out some heat! I think everyone should have one of those things...too bad Craig and I have already burned our deck using the one we just bought. :(

So this is the adorable Amber and Justin (yes, that is a Joan Jett t-shirt he is sporting) and they are the next in line to get married in July. Um, maybe the best female costume all night. You can't tell as much from this picture but this was a pink romper complete with shoulder pads.

Dear friends and recent newlyweds Elizabeth and Adam. She opted for the sparkles and neon colors, he opted for the high waist jeans, mock turtleneck and blazer look. Nicely done, you two.

Lovely hostess Lauren (in full Jane Fonda gear), her main man Steve (Top Gun - natch) and Baby Layla Delcambre - wondering why the heck we all look so weird. She literally started crying the moment she saw my fiance.

Our other lovely hostess, Stephanie, rocking out her belly band as a miniskirt. Way to get maximum usage, my dear. And seriously, you don't even look like you had a baby! I like that her feather earrings match my hair. :)

The ladies, from left to right: Lindsey, Lauren, Amber, Steph, Me, and Liz

And the fellas: Justin, Chris, Steve, Adam, Mr. T, and Dan

After we moved inside to open our awesome gifts, Mr. T stood up to say a few words about how much we appreciated the party. I'm not sure if anyone could take him seriously in that get-up, though. Please note how I'm smiling at him in support and trying to keep a straight face - won't I make a good little wifey?

We had a blast at this party and are so appreciative to have people in our lives who like to throw pride to the wind, dress up, throw down, and have a little fun. In the spirit of Thanksgiving (and my new blog design, thanks very much) I'd just like to say I'm pretty thankful to have such awesome friends. Enjoy the pictures, folks. They'll probably stay up all of two days before Mr. T asks me to take them down. :)


  1. LOVE the new blog layout!!! And your outfit for the shower is super cute! Genius idea to have an 80's themed shower!!!

  2. So super fun! We had an 80's themed party for my mom and sister's birthday several years ago and it was so fun! What a fab idea for a shower and how great your friends are for participating and going all out. :)

  3. Love it the pictures!!! You blog is wonderful and the Thanksgiving theme.... priceless! Happy Thanksgiving you two!
    Elizabeth & Adam


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