Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NOLA Recap

Let me apologzie for my lack of action on the blogosphere lately - I'm sure you all have found plenty of things other than my life to keep you satisfied, and frankly I find other blogs way more interesting than my own, but I do feel a bit of guilt when I go MIA.

So let's see, a little recap on the bachelorette party in New Orleans: I had such a fun time getting to spend the weekend with my girlfriends and the train was a great idea, at least for the trip down. The trip back was a little um, long, after we had enjoyed ourselves a little too much on Saturday night. Let's just say you don't notice the lurches as much when you're not nursing a little bit of a hangover. :) We played card games, mixed some fun drinks and even did a mad lib or two on the trip down, then rocked out Bourbon Street on Friday night, complete with a rather embarrassing moment on stage at Razoo's when they made me get up and dance to Jesse's Girl. Now I love dancing, but not when everyone is watching me, so I couldn't get off the stage fast enough. We capped off the night with a slushy hurricane and crashed back at the hotel (which Stacy, my MOH, did a great job of finding for us).

On Saturday we walked around the French Quarter, took a cab to Magazine Street to do some shopping and watch the Bama football game at the Bulldog, a pub with amazing potential but poor service, in case you're wondering, and then headed back to get ready for the lingerie shower at the hotel. Let me just say that I got some AMAZING lingerie that will most definitely be making an appearance in the Riviera Maya for our honeymoon. I had to pack it all back up and hide it in my closet to keep me from busting into it early! My friends have such good taste. :) We went to dinner at a fun place called Jacques-Imo's that came recommended by a friend who used to live in NOLA, and it reminded me a lot of Red Bar in terms of the decor and ambience, for those of you who've been to that restaurant in Greyton Beach. I think perhaps my favorite part of the trip though was a little bar called Lucy's, where we ran into a friend of mine from Nashville and stayed until around 1 in the morning. And yes, the train was to depart at 6 a.m. the next day. We're idiots. But fun idiots. As you can see by the photo below. Where I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.

I promise I will upload more photos later but sadly, they're all on my mom's camera, and I have honestly not had a spare moment to download them. In the meantime, my friend Marcie did a recap with photos on her blog, which you can view here. She's much more in depth than I would be anyway, and way more disciplined on taking photos than I am, thank goodness!

On the house front, we're getting settled in and it's feeling much more home-y now that we've hung a few pictures on the walls. Our sofa is being delivered tomorrow (hooray - the one from college has now gone on to it's rightful home at Goodwill), we hope to have the flat screen TV mounted in the media room by the end of the month (still in time to watch lots of football), and I'm on a mission to find a fire pit to put on the patio. And I guess some patio furniture would be nice, so we don't have to sit Indian-style on the deck. Once those things are done, we're having a housewarming party, which just might end up being the Tacky Holiday Sweater Party 2009. And in case you would like to know what my handsome fiance wore last year, feast your eyes on this...

Question is, however will he top himself this year? In the meantime, happy fall y'all!


  1. Had a blast on our girls weekend love :) And God do I love that picture of Craig's tacky self ;) Have a great rest of the week. Keep me updated on your Dad!

  2. I am so glad that you had such a great time!!! Thats awesome!! Cute pic!!


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