Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shame on Me!

So this little blogger is feeling pretty ashamed these days. You guys faithfully became followers, readers, whatevers, of my blog, even being kind enough to give me kudos and lots of blog love, and what do I do? I brought the blogging to a screeching halt in return. You must be really annoyed with me. I'm really annoyed with me. Believe me - I know the feeling when I go to blogs, licking my chops with anticipation to see all the beautiful pictures, fabulous insight, and shared inspirations from all of you who are planning your own gorgeous weddings, or just sharing your crazy-interesting lives, and when it's yesterday's news, or last week's for that matter, it's like someone pokes a pin in your balloon. So sorry for being "that blogger." I vow to do better, dear readers.

(I do have an excuse though. Really I do. I planned twelve events in two days last weekend for work. And all the planning required for those lovely events left zero time for anything else of a personal nature, which let me just say, is not the way to live your life. So for all you workaholics out there - stop it right now! Go home to the people you love and who deeply love you. Life is so much more than your profession. I was reminded of this fact when I was at the office until 10 p.m. last Thursday night and Mr. T calls with the gentle reminder just to come home already. I realized nothing was more important than spending time with him before the following 48 hours of chaos ensued. So I packed my things, drove home (I so love living five minutes from my office) and did one of our favorite things - snuggled on the sofa and watched Dan Taylor on the 10:00 News (I am an NBC snob) tell me what weather was in store for the weekend. And I might have thrown my shoe at the TV when he said it was going to be the coldest temperatures of the season and require me to change the setups at the last minute. But everything went off well, and at the end of it all, I was happily back on that sofa, having the best foot rub of my life. I seriously thought my toes were going to fall off -who really wears stilettos on a 14 hour work day? I'm an idiot. And I am buying a comfortable pair of shoes for event days so that I don't have to hobble home anymore!) Wow, now how was that for a digression? Oh, but speaking of being comfortable, I love this idea for my wedding reception attire - I mean, my blog IS A Bride in Boots, right?

Anyway...I must tell you about Chelsea of OhMyDeer handmades fame, who also just so happened to grace the cover of one of my favorite finds, Southern Weddings Magazine.

You probably know her from this little feature in their premiere issue, but what you may not know is she is fabulously talented! She is making me beautiful little shoe lovelies to jazz up my rather ordinary pair of ivory wedding shoes, and perhaps even a flower to wear in my hair for the reception. We met on Sunday (love that she's a Nashville girl!) and I'll hopefully have them in hand by next week! I know for sure the veil is coming off so I can get down with all of our wedding guests to our insanely fun band, but ever since I was little, I've always wanted to wear a flower in my hair. And she makes some of the most beautiful little creations you've ever seen. So there you have it - check out her Etsy shop and see if you're not swooning! Here is one of my very favorites...

Speaking of my to do list, my bridal portraits are in a few short weeks, so I'm trying to get all these little things done that have snuck up on me! I swear, I need a fairy godmother. I'm actually having two bridal sessions done - one here in Nashville at the elegantly gorgeous Cheekwood Mansion, compliments of Evin Photography (who just so happens to be one of my sorority sisters from my Samford days - small world!) and the other session back home in Tuscaloosa on my photographer's amazing little farm in the country. Talk about a juxtaposition! We've got a mansion and a farm as the backdrops. What can I say, I'm well-rounded. :)

So now my focus is on finding the veil. Is anyone else having major trouble with this little step? I'm thinking either chapel length or fingertip, and I want it to be really simple. I'm looking for one that has some fullness (not 80's fullness, but just a little bit more tulle than most I've seen) and maybe even a lace trim to match the lace on my dress. The problem is I feel like Goldilocks in The Three Little Bears - one is too big, one is too small, and I haven't yet found the one that feels just right. It was such an easy decision when I found my wedding dress, but the veil is turning out to be much more difficult. Who knew?

So I hope to go veil hunting on Friday, once Mr. T and I knock out a few wedding-related errands. We're both taking a much deserved day off to get our passports (honeymooning in Riviera Maya, woot!) pick out our wedding bands (eek!) and choose a tie for the handsome groomsmen. Here's my inspiration. Love the silver. Though I may get crazy and go midnight blue. You love it, right?

So just like Britney Spears, I'm making my (blog) comeback, one day at a time. I better, we're now 74 days away, y'all!

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  1. I love how you changed this to say "lovely little comments" :) And yes, SHAME ON YOU!!! It's been too long since you've updated us all!! Hope plans are coming along smoothly. I want to see those bridal pics when you get them! Love ya!


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