Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bridal Portraits on the Brain!

Eek! They're Sunday. Seriously, I'm not ready. But ready or not, here they come, because if I delay it anymore, I might drive myself crazy. I already got up at 1 a.m. to make a to-do list on my iPhone. Sometimes I hate that I'm so undeniably Type A.

So let's talk hair extensions, ladies. I'd like to know your thoughts on this matter, because a) I'm considering purchasing these to amp up the hair power for my bridal portraits on Sunday and b) a dear friend of mine sported them over the weekend and they looked fan-freakin'-tastic. Seriously, I would have paid money for some right then and there if she had an extra set in her purse. They looked so healthy, so shiny, so REAL. Who knew? For all Jessica Simpson does that is questionable (I have issues with her unhealthy obsession to Twitter) she IS pretty business savvy. She has completely capitalized on the fashion, shoe, fragrance and hair-extension markets and I for one applaud her efforts. The shoes, albeit a bit uncomfortable, are fabulously high, which is a great for a girl that is 5' 2" like myself, and now, I'm taking a stand and supporting the faux hair she likes to flaunt. Sue me.

Here's the dealio: I've been trying for what seems like years (okay maybe since we got engaged in March) to grow my baby-fine hair out for the wedding, and I'm pretty sure it has decided it has reached its final destination and refuses to grow another inch. So I'm thinking I'll pop a few of these bad boys in and get that extra va-va-va voom! for me to rock those bridal portraits with sass and confidence. See how voluminous Miss Jessica looks? There are no products that will do this for me. Believe me, I've tried them all! (That means you, Big Sexy Hair.)

On the subject of bridal sessions, allow me to introduce you to the lovely Alyse Woodward, a wedding planner who hails from Charlotte, N.C. and has such an eye for style! She featured two uber-fabulous bridal sessions last Friday on her blog and I love them both - so different but so unique! I love how they captured the brides personalities so well.

Which brings to my next question...so I obviously love my cowboy boots that were a gift from Mr. T early in our courtship. We used to celebrate each month, but when we reached the one-year point, we decided we had run out of ideas (and money) to continue that lovely tradition. But they did make an appearance on our Save-the-Dates (shameless plug: which were featured on Ashley's Bride Guide yesterday - check it out here!) and man, would they be comfortable and oh-so-appropriate when we're jamming out at our wedding reception to our rock-it-out southern rock/country band, Trotline. I'm thinking we'll have the sweet and innocent ivory shoes to make my mom happy and then, just when I'm starting to get foot cramps, I'll bust out the boots! Question is, should they make an appearance in the bridal session, or shall we keep it a secret? I can't make another decision - so for the love, help this Bride in Boots out, my blog sisters!


  1. i vote yes to the hair because a girl needs to feel pretty in her pictures whether the hair is real or not. and lets face it - jess's hair is always pretty. :)

    and for the boots... i'd go with the switch. wear the prettis to make your mom happy, then do what makes you feel good. i switched shoes right after the ceremony too. :)

  2. If you do not allow those bad boys to make an appearance in the bridal portraits...I WILL KILL YOU. Those boots are so you and you can take plenty of pics with normal shoes and have several with the boots. Seriously...I'll hurt you if you don't have pics taken with them.

  3. Def. have the boots in the bridal portraits! You will love those pics forever and you'll have a mix of of pics that will show off your true personality! Plus it'll will probably help you feel more relaxed in some of the shots... hopefully all of them to know you will be sportn' your fun and favorite pair of shoes!


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