Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Even I Can Do This...

Recipe here.

Have I mentioned the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday? Because it is. The days are long, the food is yummy, and having Monday off is the thank-goodness-for-holidays cherry on top.

We're headed to the U2 concert on Saturday so Baby T can jam out to some good tunes in utero. You'll find me under the shade wearing my most comfortable sundress drinking a liter of H20. And possibly eating this entire tray of strawberries I intend to make for our tailgate before the concert begins. Oh and P.S. the strawberries will be coming from the Farmer's Market and they will be local. I'm a strawberry snob that way. :)

Happy birthday, America!


  1. Those are so cute- you're going to have a blast at the concert! I just saw your girls' weekend pictures on facebook- you look so cute and tiny!

  2. Those look adorable! I might just have to make some too:) Have fun at U2 and Happy 4th of July weekend!

  3. So I made these strawberries and they were a huge hit at the 4th of July party and so pretty and festive! Thanks for the recipe!


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