Friday, June 3, 2011

Anyone home?

Hello? Is anyone out there? If you're reading this, you've received the invitation to follow my now-private blog. I must say, I'm feeling so very good about this decision to go under the radar, and feel much more comfortable now putting pictures out there of myself and of Baby T for people to see. I don't want just anyone laying eyes on my baby, you know. I know, I am such a mama hen. :)

I just hope that none of you will regret signing up to come along for the journey, so I promise to try and make it worth your while! And let me just say that it truly made my day to hear from friends and blog-friends alike who said they wanted to keep following along on my little rambles. Most of which have turned to thoughts on pregnancy, bumpdates galore, and other things that everyone tells me I will look back on and be so happy I documented along the way, which is why I'm promising to try and keep it up now that I'm starting my third trimester. I am still loving being pregnant more than ever. Maternity swimsuits, not so much, but still loving all those kicks and tumbles that I'm feeling. But for today, to celebrate the upcoming weekend (the first unofficial one of summer, now that Memorial Day has come and gone and we're in near-100 degree temps here in Nashville), I'm going to play a little bit of catch up. This first photo is one of my handsome hubs and I in front of Woodfire Grill in Atlanta a few weekends ago, which was one of the best dining experiences I've ever had. Like, EVER, y'all.

We were with two other couples and decided to do the blind chef's tasting 5-course meal. Normally I am way too much of a control freak and like to not only choose my order but also my husband's, if he'll let me, but I decided to hand the reins over and let me just tell you, it was a great decision. The service was spectacular. The presentation - over the top. And the food - to die for. And for those of you who are Top Chef fans, you know that the chef was this guy:

Yes, that would be Kevin Gillespie, and yes, he definitely autographed our menu and took a quick moment for a photo op. The the girl on the left and I basically knew everything about him from watching him a few seasons ago. I'm sure he was a little frightened by that.

On the subject of food (one of my favorites, these days), we're headed to Taste of Music City this weekend, and I can't wait to sample some of the local cuisine street-side. Why have I not taken advantage of this event before? It has food, live music, and free admission. Um, twist my arm. I heard a certain watermelon and goat cheese salad shooter would be making an appearance, compliments of Copper Kettle (one of my favorite Sunday brunches) and my mouth is already watering. Oh and want to know who I saw the last time I was at Copper Kettle? This guy.

Just dining with Nicole and Sunday Rose after a little church on a Sunday morning. And no one in the restaurant even seemed to bat an eyelash, which is why I'm sure they love this town. But don't think I didn't freak out. Annnnnnnd time our exit to leave just before they left, so I could see what vehicle they got in to. And take down their license plate number. OK, I didn't go that far. (But I might have, if we had parked a little closer). And yes, he's that dreamy in person too.

I have some girlfriends headed into town to visit next weekend (yay! girls trip 2011!) and we'll be seeing him play at CMA Fest on Friday night. I'm hoping he sings his new song "Without You" just so I can hear him sing this line in person. When I hear it on the radio, it gets me every time.

"Along comes a baby girl, and suddenly my little world,
Just got a whole lot bigger, yes it did.
And people that I barely knew, love me cause I'm part of you,
Man, I start to figure

How two souls can be, miles from one another
But still you and me, have somehow found each other."

And speaking of that sweet baby girl, I'm proud to show you one of my favorite ultrasound pictures of her adorableness. I realized I never posted any of her ultrasound photos on the public blog, so consider yourself introduced for the first time. Presenting our baby girl (who shall remain nameless until her expected arrival on 8/28)!

Isn't she a beauty? Sleeps just like her mama and daddy do, too, with those arms up. Love it!


  1. Oh that pic gives me goose bumps! God is so amazing!

  2. oh wow! that ultrasound pic! AMAZING!!! the wonders of modern technology!

    so glad to still be following along! :)


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