Monday, June 13, 2011

28 Week (Late) Bumpdate

So I'm a tad bit behind on the ole bloggity blog, but only because we've been so busy preparing for Little One's arrival these past few weeks. Who knew how much stuff a tiny tot would need?

Also attributing to my tardiness is the fact that I have been on the go! Since my last bumpdate, we've made trips to Tuscaloosa to see family, friends, and adorable friends' babies who are growing much too fast (I'm talking to you, Candice, Becca and Kristy!) and I was on the road last week for two work trips in Charlotte and Birmingham. And might I add, I'm a big fan of Charlotte. I think it's earned the #2 spot on places I could live someday. Behind Nashville of course. We all know it has always been and probably always will be my first love.

It's crazy to even wrap my head around this, but I'm now at 29 weeks (whoa) so with 11 weeks remaining, it was crunch time to get that nursery in order, so let's just say that Etsy and I have become BFF's lately. Their handmade goodness is too perfect for words when it comes to all things baby, and I am realizing this child has turned me into a complete shopaholic schmuck because I can so easily justify that I really do need that monogrammed burp cloth/bib set/stroller blanket/artwork/you name it. I have just a few more things to add before I'm ready for the big reveal, but I promise it really and truly is coming soon. Pinky swear. But for now, I've been known to just mosey back to the nursery and sit in our new glider and read to our baby girl upon occasion, just because I love the room so much.

I recently realized that I was behind on my bumpdates, so after a very full and super-fun weekend with my girlfriends/future aunties who came to Nashville to visit, Mr. T busted out the camera last night for our tardy 28 week photo session. Let's just pretend it's not a week late and Baby T will never know the difference.

Behold the bump!

Symptoms: So the frequent urination fairy strikes again. And what's strange is that I'll feel like I'm literally about to wet my pants, and will hightail it to the bathroom when I get home from work even though I've just gone 10 minutes before that, and then when I finally get to relieve myself, I only have a few drops. Baby Girl must be resting right on top of my bladder.

Weight Gain: At my 28 week appointment yesterday, I had gained another 3 pounds, for a grand total of 11 so far (after the little bit I lost the first trimester). I've heard people either gain on the front end or the back end, but I'm hoping for slow and steady. So far, so good. Though I'm feeling way more large and in charge than the scale shows, I assure you.

What's different: We can actually make out different lumps in my belly that feel like a head here, a foot there, which are pretty much the coolest thing EVER. And the way she likes to lay is always the same, so that when I lay down, the left side of my belly is always a little higher. I like to think it's because she's going to be left-handed like me. :)

Cravings: Not too many these days. Though I did get a hankering for spaghetti last night, so the hubs and I high-tailed it to Publix for the extra-lean ground beef I had to have in it. He mentioned making it without the meat and I looked at him like he was a four-eyed alien. As if! Still loving the occasional scoop of ice cream, though I'm partial to Pinkberry these days. Have you tried the new salted caramel flavor? Y' will change your life.

Aversions: None - I pretty much will eat anything that comes into my path! No, really.

Sleep: Still fabulous, thank the Lord. I've become a bit of an early riser on the weekends, but I actually don't mind it because it gives me an opportunity to take full advantage of the weekend. I occasionally have to get up to go in the middle of the night, but it's a rare occasion.

I am loving: Hand-me-downs. My sweet friend Whitney, who has an adorable 7-month old named Sam, has become my fairy godmother with all the wonderful things she's passed down to me. We're talking maternity clothes, nursing bras (which are crazy expensive, by the way), bottles, pacis, a sterilizer, a swing, a Boppy, playmats, and gender-neutral onesies that are adorable. Baby T is such a lucky girl to have a future boyfriend like Sam who shares all of his happies.

I really miss: My waistline. And a tan stomach. Especially when it comes time to put on my maternity swimsuit and head to the pool. Sigh. But the bikinis will return one day - at least I hope so!

I am looking forward to: Celebrating Father's Day this weekend by attending childbirth classes. How appropro for my baby daddy, right? I feel like the more I know, the less anxious I'll feel. Which is a good thing, because the faster this whole labor thing approaches, the more I think to myself, "Now how exactly is this baby getting out?"

I'm spazzing about: I was having some hip pain that I asked my doc about at my visit last week. I thought it might be the sciatic nerve pain I've heard about, and I was right. I've tried to figure out what the culprit is, and I'm thinking it flares up after Mr. T and I go on one of our long neighborhood walks. So I've decided the elliptical is a better idea lately, and it seems to be working.

Movement: Every single day! And I love every single minute of it. I actually told Mr. T the other night I just might miss being pregnant, because those sweet little kicks and flutters keep me company all day long and I've gotten kind of sentimental about them. But now that I'm in the third trimester, I'm sure those feelings will begin to change and I'll just be ready to get this show on the road.

Milestone: Little One is now 15.5 inches long and almost 3 pounds. That just blows my mind. From here on out, her height growth will start to slow down and she'll just be packing on the pounds, doubling or even tripling her weight before she makes her arrival in a few short weeks. Speaking in produce terms, she's now the size of a cabbage. Though if you could see my belly right now, you would think she's more like a watermelon. Which reminds me, tell me again how I'm going to get her out? Gulp.

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