Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: SanDestin Snapshots

I only have three words for this Wordless Wednesday, Beach Edition: TAKE. ME. BACK. :(

Monday, June 28, 2010

Romping at the CMA's

I'm BA-ACK! And feeling oh-so-refreshed, I must say. That fresh saltwater air must have healing agents or something, because I feel like a brand. new. gal. And trying desperately to make this tan I've got going last to this weekend for our friend's wedding. Let's all pray to the peeling gods that they stay far away from me and my shoulders. No one likes seeing that nonsense in a sundress. No one.

Before I begin the recap of our uber-fantabulous Beach Trip 2010 (and yes, the tarballs arrived on the shores of Sandestin on Thursday, and no, they did not stick around long enough to matter, thank goodness) I wanted to be sure I didn't forget to show a few photos from our 3rd Annual CMA Fest Date Night.

So let's see, we started the night off at Past Perfect for dinner and drinks with our friends the Schwartzenbergs and then walked over the bridge just in time to hear Josh Turner start things off with "Would You Go With Me" (which just so happened to be one of the songs we used in our rehearsal dinner photo montage - there's a fun fact for you.) And P.S. Josh is a TOTAL hottie. He is definitely creeping into my Top Five. After hearing him croon away with that lovely low voice came my homegirl Miranda who got things fired up with "Gunpowder and Lead" and her current hits "The House That Built Me" and "White Liar." I think she and I would TOTALLY be friends. I like her sassiness. And after that came Reba which was in my opinion a total snoozefest. Just never really got on board the Reba bandwagon, with the exception of "Fancy" about a decade ago. But guess who swooped in right after her to save the day and make my entire night, year, and decade. Yes ma'am, the one and only Mr. Keith Urban. Swoon FEST. That guy is just more amazing every time I see him. I tell Mr. T that part of what makes him so attractive is NOT his Australian accent/amazing hair/guitar playing talent but that he just seems so SINCERE. The highlight of the night was when he sang a cover of "I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends" with images from the flood and all the ordinary folks doing extraordinary things to help out their neighbors. It was, in a word, awesome. And Mr. T just sat there and shook his head at me as I kept saying "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh" on repeat. I turn into a 13 year old brace-faced freak when it comes to Mr. Urban, I confess.

So anyway, here are a few pics from our fun night! Wish the ones I had taken of the musicians had turned out, but I can't quite figure out the night setting on my new camera and the lights made everything blurry. That is my homework before the next outing, I promise.

And P.S. this last photo just might be making an appearance as my new Facebook profile pic. How have I never discovered this big ole boot in the heart of Honky Tonk Row downtown? You know how I love my cowboy boots!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

Don't know when I'll be back a-gain. Actually, I do, but I'd rather not think about that right now.

Because tomorrow Mr. T and I will be taking a few of these drink coupons out and toasting to the beginning of a very well-timed and much-anticipated vacation at the beach with our favorite friends!

Where I plan to eat lots and lots of this scrumptious stuff (because who knows when we'll be able to enjoy yummy fresh seafood that's not tainted with oil again?)

Excited doesn't begin to describe what I feel right now! I am over the MOON!

See y'all next week!!!

Dad's Day

Meet my Dad. He's pretty much the kindest, most selfless, most honest, most wonderful guy on the planet. (Actually, it's a tie now that Mr. T is in my life). I definitely lucked out in the Dad Department, and there isn't a day that passes by that I don't realize it and thank my lucky stars.

Dad, thanks for setting the bar pretty dang high when it comes to what I expected in a husband, and in a man. I couldn't have chosen better for myself. And I couldn't have had a better example for my first thirty years on this earth. Thank you for the amazing person you are. I love you more than you know!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Me Gusta The Marquesa

While I've got the beach on the brain, let's talk anniversaries, ladies. So Mr. T and I are coming up on our big six month anniversary (yes, we used to celebrate our month-i-versaries when we were dating and I kind of loved it, so I'm thinking the half-a-year mark deserves celebration as well) and it got me thinking about whatever shall we do for our big one year anniversary on January 2nd. So you know what happens when I start thinking? I start researching. And that can be a wee bit dangerous.

Because we just might have reached a head on down south and dip our feet HERE.

To see a little bit of sunshine while everyone back home is pasty white and covered in chillbumps.

NOW I remember why we decided to get married the week after the holidays - for all the super-fun anniversary trips we get to take from here on out!

Cue the Beach Boys and color me tan, because I just think Key West sounds pretty perfect, don't you?

And speaking of perfect, wouldn't you know I went and discovered the most heavenly little inn called the Marquesa, which justsohappens to have been featured in Southern Living Magazine last year, saying this in an article entitled "10 Things We Love About Florida":

"The Marquesa Hotel, centered around a tropical pool, features the best 27 rooms in town and a fabulous restaurant. When you return, even months later, the staff will remember you by name."

And because this lovely place costs a lovely arm and a leg, the even better news is that a group of my sweet girlfriends got the most AMAZING wedding gift for us - a voucher to use at the Distinguished Inns of North America - of which the little Marquesa just so happens to be a member! Is that you squealing or me? I'm so excited, I can't tell. Never mind the fact we may be busting out our sleeping bags beachside for the other nights, (because wow, Key West is an expensive little city to get to, I'm learning) at least we'll be staying in style for at least one night here!

Happy Anniversary to us, indeed!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beach Me, Baby...

This is where I will be exactly one week from today, my beautiful blogettes. And two words come to mind. Yes, please...

My fingers and toes are triple-crossed that the oil holds off and doesn't spread its ugly black tar fingers to our beautiful white sand beaches. I have so many memories of looking for sand crabs in Orange Beach every summer as a kid, enjoying a week of freedom in Destin every spring break as a college girl, and look forward to making many more on our upcoming vacay on those same shores now as a newlywed. Though I know the media has gone to town with some serious spin on the images of pelicans covered in oil, it still breaks my heart to think what could happen to our beloved Gulf Coast. The good news is we get a full refund if it hits before or while we're down there. The bad news is if that happens, I won't get to do any of this.
Which let's be honest, is one of my alltime-favorite, I-know-it's-bad-but-I-promise-I-wear-SPF, I-can-almost-smell-the suntan-oil-and-feel-the-frosty-beverage-in-my-hands pasttimes...
Beach me.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Boots, Y'all!

Last week, my friend Elizabeth and I had a little girls night down in Franklin at the neighborhood Sips n Strokes. Never heard of it? Well I insist you try it out ASAP. It's a lovely little concept that was the brainchild of Wendy Lovoy, and it started out in Birmingham several years ago. Basically you bring your friends and your favorite beverage, are guided through the painting of your choice, and then you get to take home a beautiful canvas painting at the end of the night!

So here we are ready to begin, just a few Picasso's in training...

And here's my finished product that's now hanging in our home...I should probably move it to my closet since it's one of my favorite things to wear...
Boots, y'all!

Friday, June 11, 2010

To Romp Or Not To Romp

Now get your mind out of the gutter, girls...I'm talking about the trendy little outfit that is known as the romper. And has anyone else noticed that they are EVERYWHERE these days? I've decided that the romper is to Summer 2010 what the maxi dress was to Summer 2009. So naturally, in a moment of shopping splendor, I bit the bullet and purchased this linen number last night at Arden B.

I wish you could have seen the internal conflict I was having with myself - I'm sure my face was all contorted in my thinking expression, because I'm standing in the store surrounded by girls who are a good five years younger than me and I'm having the following conversation in my head:

"I know this is going to be completely out of fashion by this time next year but it's only $50 and it's black which is naturally slimming and man, it would be so cute with my cowboy boots (especially for tomorrow night at CMA Fest) which are exactly the same shade as the skinny belt so yes, I need this, if only to have the perfect outfit for this one night and a new staple for this one summer..."

And so, I purchased it. Don't act surprised. You knew it was going to happen.

And, to follow yet another trend in the fashion industry, I went ahead and got this fabulous straw fedora. Because I feel a teensy bit like a celebrity when I put it on. Just being honest.

And with rationale flying out the window, I moseyed on down the mall and got these too...

OK, just kidding about that last part. If only I had $500 bucks lying around to get a pair of Frye boots bedazzled in rhinestones. Maybe one day.

And honey, if you're reading this, I'm sorry for just giving you heart failure. Of COURSE I will discuss all purchases over $200 with you. Or hide them until I bust them out at just the right moment, wondering how on earth you forgot I had them...

Happy Friday, y'all!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Fore!" (Or, My First Time To Swing A Golf Club)

What's that? You're dying to hear what I learned to do last Saturday? Well okay, I'll tell you. Sister learned how to play golf! Well, sort of. I was actually pretty terrible, but what I DID learn is that a golf cart is a great way to get some sun on my shoulders AND enjoy a nice breeze. And spend a gorgeous Saturday afternoon with fellow golf-playing friends. Mission accomplished in my book!

Boys...why so serious? No need for the token golf tournament pose. But yes, you look like you could play on the Pro-Am. (Wow, bonus points for using "Pro-Am" in a sentence, please).

And on the other side of the fun spectrum...the girls! I absolutely adore this lady on my left, Miss Melissa. She is quite possibly one of my most favorite gals on the planet. We're heading to the beach with these two in a couple of weeks and I cannot wait. And P.S. - she can get after some golf!



Perfect! (This was a warm up round, before you start making fun of the fact that the golf ball is still nicely in place on its tee. Though that did happen a few times...

With my own personal golf coach and love of my life, Mr. T. Who dominated that day, I might add. What a show-off.

So my plan is try and play at least once or twice a month so I can eventually make a Par 4 in under 10 strokes. Yes, that IS a good goal. And then maybe I'll get super serious and purchase my own set of these.

To go along with these, natch.

(And though I'm not usually a pink person, I'm making an exception in this case. Because as Melissa demontrates with her cute polo top, pink looks quite snazzy on the golf course).

And who can complain when your own personal cabbie, golf cart driver, and coach is as handsome as this guy? Not I, ladies. Not I.

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