Thursday, June 17, 2010

Me Gusta The Marquesa

While I've got the beach on the brain, let's talk anniversaries, ladies. So Mr. T and I are coming up on our big six month anniversary (yes, we used to celebrate our month-i-versaries when we were dating and I kind of loved it, so I'm thinking the half-a-year mark deserves celebration as well) and it got me thinking about whatever shall we do for our big one year anniversary on January 2nd. So you know what happens when I start thinking? I start researching. And that can be a wee bit dangerous.

Because we just might have reached a head on down south and dip our feet HERE.

To see a little bit of sunshine while everyone back home is pasty white and covered in chillbumps.

NOW I remember why we decided to get married the week after the holidays - for all the super-fun anniversary trips we get to take from here on out!

Cue the Beach Boys and color me tan, because I just think Key West sounds pretty perfect, don't you?

And speaking of perfect, wouldn't you know I went and discovered the most heavenly little inn called the Marquesa, which justsohappens to have been featured in Southern Living Magazine last year, saying this in an article entitled "10 Things We Love About Florida":

"The Marquesa Hotel, centered around a tropical pool, features the best 27 rooms in town and a fabulous restaurant. When you return, even months later, the staff will remember you by name."

And because this lovely place costs a lovely arm and a leg, the even better news is that a group of my sweet girlfriends got the most AMAZING wedding gift for us - a voucher to use at the Distinguished Inns of North America - of which the little Marquesa just so happens to be a member! Is that you squealing or me? I'm so excited, I can't tell. Never mind the fact we may be busting out our sleeping bags beachside for the other nights, (because wow, Key West is an expensive little city to get to, I'm learning) at least we'll be staying in style for at least one night here!

Happy Anniversary to us, indeed!

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  1. Looking forward to many, many more anniversaries babe.....


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