Friday, June 4, 2010

Ode to the Local Artist

Meet Deann. She is this adorable gal I met last night at Ads to Art, a charity function benefitting the Nashville Zoo. Her artwork was by far my favorite, and I was thisclose to buying a piece until Mr. T reminded me we have a trip to the beach coming up in a few weeks (fingers crossed that the oil spill doesn't ruin that, or more importantly our lovely Gulf Coast, but we won't go there on this fine Friday). Anyway, not only is Deann uber-talented, she is lovely in person. And of course she scored bonus points when I found out she was also an Alabama girl. She has a studio in The Factory at Franklin, and also has some of her art featured at a charming little store on 30-A in Watercolor called The Blue Giraffe.

This little chapel is one of my most favorites.

And these guardian angel pieces are so beautiful, don't you think?

More artwork on display at a show - that barn in the middle totally reminds me of the one at Southall Eden where we had our engagement pictures taken! Just look at this...
I mean, they could be barn cousins, could they not?? I spy a future purchase. Blame sentimentality!

Every summer, Deann holds a fun-filled art camp for kids at her studio located in The Factory. Students enjoy learning Deann’s method and approach to painting by using the palette knife and a heavy painting technique. Cost of camp is $195 and includes 3 days, all supplies, snacks and pizza party on the last day. If I had kids I would be ALL OVER that kind of fun! And how awesome are these little piglets? I would totally frame that and proclaim my kid the next Picasso.

Another local artist I j'adore is Barbara Coon, also a Franklin gal. I was introduced to her work at Midtown Gallery, and always love seeing which pieces of hers are featured when I stop in. Here's her story:

Barbara Coon has been producing unique and eclectic art since her childhood. For over the past decade she has been concentrating on her gallery work. Coon does all of her own construction from wooden supports to more elaborate multiple piece works. She is a painter, carpenter, clay builder, and potter. Her pieces are easily recognized for their elements of color, humor, and sarcasm. Even her serious side is expressed through colors and themes that entice the viewer. Coon’s subject matter can be anything, although she prefers objects. She is passionate about trying new ideas and is constantly giving her audience something new to love. Barbara lives in Franklin with her husband Ed, their three beautiful daughters, and dog Houdi.

Barbara's pieces are very textured and almost 3-dimensional - and usually give little nods to Nashville (see the letters of Nashville spelled out on the side of this guitar? Love it!)

Behold the piece I have seriously been eyeing for about a year now - simply titled "Boots." My heart skips a beat when I see it. Hel-lo, you KNOW how much I love my cowboy boots!

Also in the name of art, I took a class at Sips n Strokes a few months ago and had an absolute ball! In case you haven't heard of it, it's a concept that started in Birmingham, AL (shout-out to my college stomping ground) and has spread like wildfire across the southeast. You pay $25, show up at the studio, and get guided step-by-step through a painting that you get to take home at the end of the night. And the best part? You can bring your own beverage of choice to really get those creative juices flowing! Me thinks that's a brilliant idea. I treated myself to a class at the Franklin studio for my 30th birthday and I'm thinking I'm due for one again soon. Especially since I saw they have some fabulous paintings featured for the month of June. Wow, can't believe it's already June. Yes I can, it is 90 degrees outside today - feels like June. No I can't, that means I've been married five months! Yes I can, that means we're almost halfway to celebrating our one year anniversary, which means we must decide where we'll be heading for the big anniversary trip - I'm thinking Key West. Or Cabo. Or Santorini. What, a girl can dream!

Ahem. Back to reality and our plans for the weekend, which include the following:

Happy Hour with friends tonight to celebrate the end of the longest week in the history of the world, gym tomorrow morning to run off the beverages consumed during aforementioned Happy Hour, my first go at a round of golf tomorrow afternoon which should be VERY interesting, and FINALLY planting some flowers in pots on our back deck and refreshing my herb garden so I'm not horribly embarrassed when we host a bridal shower for my friend Amber in a couple of weeks. Which by the way, leads me to remember yet another fabulous artist by the name of Brittany Fuson here in Nashville that designed them for me! (And a big virtual high-five to Miss Kriss for helping me make them blogtastic - anyone else feel like a complete moron when trying to do the blur-the-address-out trick? No? Just me? Well fine then, so be it. At least I'm lucky to have friends like Kristin.)

(Click to enlarge)

Isn't that a fun idea for a shower? I was lucky enough to have a recipe shower back in December just before I got married and I LOVE having all these great little recipes to try out on Mr. T, especially since they all came from friends. So I thought, why not repeat? I'm planning on making my Oreo Truffle Balls, and every single one of them better be eaten because I have to get in a bathing suit in two weeks. And sister has NOT been working out like she should. Oy.

Hope you all have lovely, relaxing weekends!


  1. those invites are the cutest freakin' things ever! one of my bffs just got engaged and she would love the recipe idea....might have to borrow it!:)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. LOVE the invites!! SO cute... I've been to a few recipe showers, and yes, they are so much fun! Thanks for the local artist shout-outs too--we need to add some local art flair to our house, too!

  3. I really love all of these, but the painting she is working on in the photo is perhaps my absolute fave!

    Just when I thought I had eaten the world's most amazing sweets in Paris, you mention oreo truffle balls!!! A girls gotta know your secret recipe!

  4. I love that Nashville painting. Do you know how I could go about seeing if that is for sale somewhere on the web? I live in PA so I can't purchase it in Nashville. :(

    The boyfriend and I absolutely adore Nashville and are hoping to move there next year but in the meantime we would love a piece of it in our home.

  5. I thought of you when I first glanced at the boots picture. So cute! And I love that invitation.

  6. Love all that beautiful artwork, and yes the Angel paints are beautiful!

  7. We had Brittany make a sketch of Tami's bridal portraits. She's so talented!

  8. BARBARA is my mom! I just came across your blog; needless to say, I love it! Now, go buy those boots!


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