Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Fore!" (Or, My First Time To Swing A Golf Club)

What's that? You're dying to hear what I learned to do last Saturday? Well okay, I'll tell you. Sister learned how to play golf! Well, sort of. I was actually pretty terrible, but what I DID learn is that a golf cart is a great way to get some sun on my shoulders AND enjoy a nice breeze. And spend a gorgeous Saturday afternoon with fellow golf-playing friends. Mission accomplished in my book!

Boys...why so serious? No need for the token golf tournament pose. But yes, you look like you could play on the Pro-Am. (Wow, bonus points for using "Pro-Am" in a sentence, please).

And on the other side of the fun spectrum...the girls! I absolutely adore this lady on my left, Miss Melissa. She is quite possibly one of my most favorite gals on the planet. We're heading to the beach with these two in a couple of weeks and I cannot wait. And P.S. - she can get after some golf!



Perfect! (This was a warm up round, before you start making fun of the fact that the golf ball is still nicely in place on its tee. Though that did happen a few times...

With my own personal golf coach and love of my life, Mr. T. Who dominated that day, I might add. What a show-off.

So my plan is try and play at least once or twice a month so I can eventually make a Par 4 in under 10 strokes. Yes, that IS a good goal. And then maybe I'll get super serious and purchase my own set of these.

To go along with these, natch.

(And though I'm not usually a pink person, I'm making an exception in this case. Because as Melissa demontrates with her cute polo top, pink looks quite snazzy on the golf course).

And who can complain when your own personal cabbie, golf cart driver, and coach is as handsome as this guy? Not I, ladies. Not I.


  1. Jeff is FANTASTIC at golf (he even got offered a college scholarship to play at Wake Forest) so I naturally and trying to play with him because he enjoys it so much, though cart driving and drinking the beer is WAY more fun =)

  2. Good job girlfriend! I want to take golf lessons but my hubs wont let me. He says he can teach me... but everytime we go out to practice and fool around I end up a wee bit drunk driving around the golf cart on the grass and getting in trouble.

  3. oh how i've TRIED to golf. but my boobs get in the way. yes i just said that. seriously it drives me SO nuts that i throw a minor (read LARGE) temper tantrum and quit. and then whine and bug my mister until we can leave. looks like you had fun!!!


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