Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hair. Crisis.

Remember my post a few weeks ago about my upcoming haircut? Well friends, it turned into an all-out, holy cow, where is the closest baseball cap crisis. And as always, I come prepared with proof.

I had SKUNK STRIPES, y'all. And before you go all "oh, Lillian, it's not that bad" on me, let me assure you that this photo was taken by iPhone and does not EVEN do it justice. I tried to like it, really I did, but I felt like an indecisive blonde poser who couldn't quite decide whether to go blonde or not. It was a hair-tastrophe. And my poor Mr. T kept trying to reassure me with the ole "change is good" line. Not when your highlights look like they're straight out of the early '90s, my dear. So thank my lucky stars that my new best friends over at Yogi's salon swooped in with their color correcting hands and saved the day early Saturday morning (after I nearly scared myself when I sleepily looked in the bathroom mirror and saw it had somehow managed to get even worse overnight), and tamed that nastiness down just in the nick of time before the tailgating and out-of-towning began. Because I was not about to leave the house if they couldn't save me.

So now I bet you're wanting an after picture, right? Well, I wish I had one to share with you of my hair in all it's color-corrected glory, but sadly, I do not. But I promise to work on that this week/weekend and hopefully, you'll agree that it was a major improvement. If not, lie to me and say you like it because changing your hair twice in two days is not cheap, my friends. I could kill Mr. T for his $15 Great Clips haircut, that works out well everytime. If only...


  1. How do guys get off so easy! I'm getting mine colored tomorrow. I can't wait!

  2. Oh My - I totally needed a laugh this morning and this did it; not about the hair, (because that is a calamity) but I can just hear you saying every word!

  3. Oh my! I think it looks great.. but I TOTALLY know how you feel! Skunk hi-lights are not nice!

    If you ever feel like trying Trim on 12th South - I LIVE for Will & Gio :)

  4. You are too funny! I love the hair but I have had that happen to me so many times I can't remember. I get all gutsy in the chair sometimes and say just go for it and then i end up wearing a baseball cap until i can get it fixed! LOL!


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