Friday, September 10, 2010

Games Galore!

So as you know, Labor Day Weekend was like football overload. Yes, please, I'll have another. Starting Thursday night and going all the way through Monday night, we did the football thing every day except Sunday (because after all, it is the Lord's day and you're supposed to rest). From the Titans to the Saints to the Commodores to the Hokies, I loved every first-down, quarterback-sacking, crowd-cheering minute of it. The only thing that could have made it better was to watch my Crimson Tide. But I got the next best thing - more on that a little later in the post. Yes, the dawn of fall is slowing creeping into my favorite time of the year. Summer, you were just a little too hot and sticky this year. Fall, welcome to the first place position.

What's that? You want to see photos of our weekend adventures? Well it just so happens I had my camera to document our fun-filled days. Come on, don't act surprised. I'm like a tourist!

So let's begin with the Titans/Saints game. Yes, I'm wearing black and gold in support of my saints, and yes, I made Mr. T do the same. I loved to see those saints come marching in - especially from our third row seats. High rollers, we are. Okay, okay, the tickets were given to us by one of Mr. T's clients at the last minute. But still, we felt like VIP.

Saturday dawned as the most beautiful day Nashville had ever seen. I think all of nature was rejoicing the return of football. Seriously - no humidity, highs in the 80's, a slight breeze - it was heaven sent. And our sweet little parking pass (again, compliments of Mr. T, that boy has some sweet connections!) right outside Vandy's stadium allowed us to set up a little tailgate and cornhole action. The plan was to head out a couple of hours before the game but because it was so gorgeous outside, we loaded up the grill and got out early to enjoy the day. Justin and Dan were in charge of the food for the tailgate, and I have to give the boys props - they did a most excellent job. As for me, I brought the alltime tailgate favorite...Firefly!

We even brought Dan's dog (and let's face it, my adopted dog) along for the fun. He was in his element and romped around like he owned the place, greeting all the football fans as they arrived. That dog makes friends wherever he goes. And he's cute, so he got his own close up.

Sunday dawned with the promise of even more college football, and possibly one the most hyped up games of the weekend - Virginia Tech vs. Boise State squaring off at Fed Ex Field in Maryland. Never one to miss an opportunity to tailgate with his brothers, Mr. T and I boarded the plane to Baltimore and touched down a mere 1.5 hours later. I love you, Southwest.

I convinced the crew to drive into DC for a late dinner at the fabulous Founding Farmers that I was introduced to on my recent girls trip. Again, the place did not disappoint. My seared diver scallops served over butternut squash risotto were so scrumptious, I didn't even order dessert. And that never happens.

But the BEST part of the meal was when I look over and right smack dab next to our table, the one and only Shaun Alexander (former running back for Alabama in the late 90's) is seated with his sweet little wife. Ever the one to be starstruck, I immediately started devising my plan for meeting him. So as we left our seats, I nervously approached his table and introduced myself. Oh, he couldn't have been any nicer. He asked me where I went to high school, we talked about Tuscaloosa, and he introduced his wife. And all the while, I completely forget to introduce Mr. T, who is patiently standing there beside me with the camera ready. Whoopsie. Sorry, dear. But when I ask Shawn for a photo, hoping he's not completely annoyed that I've interrupted his dinner (he got the southern fried chicken that I got last time, by the way) he gets up from the table and poses with me, so that I can capture THIS:

Don't you just LOVE it? He is a total class act. And yes, this may be my new screensaver.

Mr. T and I slept in until 10:30 on Monday morning (how I wish I could do that every Monday) and then started preparing for Tailgate #2. Even several hours before the game, the traffic heading towards Fed Ex Field was bumper to bumper for miles. After some impressive maneuvering by our buddy Ben, we arrive on the second row of the parking lot, with the stadium about 50 feet behind us. I still can't believe we got so close.

The brothers and their wives: Chris, Treva, Chuck and Debbie. See the stadium behind?

Mr. T and me - not sure why we're doing a prom pose here.

Football must make us affectionate. :)

Again, nice job on the seats, husband. Love this shot of the band spelling out the VT logo just before the core of cadets came on field for the national anthem. It was so loud inside of that stadium, and the fans were HYPED. And yes, I did cheer for the Hokies and even jumped up and down to "Enter Sandman" along with the 60,000 other VT fans. It was a heartbreaking loss. Boise State, I hope you do make it to the National Championship so Bama can demolish you.

As for THIS weekend, I plan to park it in front of my flatscreen and watch ESPN GameDay in all it's glory starting bright and early tomorrow from Tuscaloosa for the Penn State/Alabama matchup. Coach Saban asked all fans in his press conference yesterday to please not boo Penn State when they come on the field, out of respect to Joe Pa and to the team. Atta boy, Coach.

Let the weekend begin!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend!! I so wish we had Southwest in Memphis!


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