Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top Two Tuesday: Bachelorette Style

For your viewing pleasure, I've decided to dedicate this post to the top two gentleman who I believe are the frontrunners for this season's Bachelorette. AKA the best show on this summer. And let's just be honest, I think the pickings were rather slim this go-around. I mean, there were only about three that I didn't think were complete tools. A weatherman and an entertainment wrestler - really, ABC? A guy who scrapbooks? I would totally run the other way at 90 mph. And my personal favorite - the guy who said "I loved those boots you wore on the show" to which Ali replies "Um, I think you've got the wrong gal." Classic. (And don't EVEN get me started on Shooter. Blech.)

First we have my guy Ty from - you guessed it - Tennessee! Way to represent, buddy! That southern accent had Ali swooning, and he strums a guitar way better than slimy jerk Wes from Jillian's season. "Some say looooooove, it don't come eaaaaaaaaaaaaa-syyyyyyyyyy." If he had sung that one more time, I might puke. I mean I love my musicians and all, but that little tune he thought was a new #1 was just ridic.

Ah, what a gentleman - he actually gave her a coat in a chivalrous, sweet way that didn't give me the ibby-jibbies. AND he just so happens to be from just down the road in Franklin, TN. Hmmm, I have a few friends in mind I'd like to set him up with if it doesn't work out with Miss Ali...

Now for my Numero Dos: Ohhhhh, Roberto! The guys called him Rico Suave, but I just call him Mr. Right. For Ali, that is. I've got my Mr. Right, thankyouverymuch. And just so you know, he puts ALL these fellas to shame. But Roberto was was so charming, so memorable (hello, I want to learn how to salsa dance!), so sheepish in an "aw shucks" kind of way - and from Charleston to boot! Me likey.

See? She likes him. She really likes him! Their body language is very telling, don't you think?

So my friends, those are my top two. Agree? Disagree? Your turn to name yours!
(Oh, and Reality Steve totally says Roberto makes it to the top two, and his track record is 100%. Just sayin.)


  1. love roberto too, and ty really is adorable, love the accent! way to represent southern boys!!! i can't wait to see what this season holds :)

  2. Great minds think alike, sweetie!!! =)

  3. It looks like a BLONDE guy in the final. You know I stood there at my tivo and rewinded and paused a THOUSAND times! It will be Roberto and a blonde! Not sure which one just yet! I'm not reading Reality Steve this year...he spoiled it for me last time! I like to be 100% surprised! xoxoxo

  4. I also loved Roberto, he is so handsome and bashful ;-) if that makes sense. I'm moving to Nashville with my fiance in July, he's starting an MBA at Vanderbilt, so I'm definitely rooting for the Frankin, TN native as well. I love having this show to look forward to on Monday nights.


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