Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentines for the Anti-Valentines

SHUT the front door. I just have to share this with you because I am the world's biggest fan of Miss Pickles Press. I got the cutest email from them today with printable and free valentines cards. I'll admit, I have the hardest time with Valentines Day. Yes, it's nice to get flowers, and yes, it's nicer to have an excuse for a fancy dinner, but honestly, we all know this is just a holiday Hallmark created to make money. Do we really need a day to tell those we love how much we actually do love them? Maybe it just makes us demonstrate what we're already feeling inside. So in that case, maybe I shouldn't be quite so cynical about Cupid's Day. Hmmm, deep thoughts.
Anyway, check out her fun email:

Let's face it. Flowers wilt. Chocolates in heart-shaped boxes are filled with mystery goo. And those weird little drug store teddy bears? Eeeek...creeeeeeepy.

Just print the chic little Valentine's cuties below on heavy card stock, trim, and attach to that pretty brown paper package tied up with string...and get ready to feel the love!

CLICK HERE for our fab freebie Valentine mini-cards. Enjoy...and spread the love!


  1. I'm right there with you friend. I am sort of anti-valentine's. I think for me it's mainly because it's in the middle of my busy season so I eat dinner at work anyway, but also because of what you said. No reason to spend hundreds on flowers and dinner to say you love someone. Also, when you're married, it's all coming out of the same pot...so it's not really as special. Deep thoughts...

  2. before serious boyfriends, fiances and husbands...my girls and i celebrated best friend's day on V-Day and the traditional continues today...

  3. Thanks! I love the room, too. But, you know men ... They have opinions at the most random times! The paint is Benjamin Moore. Glad you are blogging again!


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