Friday, February 4, 2011

Eye Candy

Okay, February is already shaping up to be about a bazillion times better than January, my friends. I basically went into hibernation because it snowed about two times too many, and was about 40 degrees too cold. I am a spring chicken and proud of it. Just ask Mr. T. I can make him jump about 2 feet in the air when I put my cold as ice toes on him under the covers when we get in bed at night. (Sidenote: I have since invested in a heating blanket that has utterly and completely changed my life. I put that baby on high before I brush my teeth and wash my face and when I crawl in, it's like a warm little cloud of heaven.)

That said, I am adoring all the eye candy on the blogosphere lately that is giving me tons of inspiration for several events I have on the horizon. Let's start with this photo, that just puts me in the mood for planning a party. Granted, a girly one. I have been loving some lavendar in my life (and it just so happens to be one of THE Pantone colors for Spring 2011.)

Continuing with the purple theme, because it just so happens to be my favorite color of the moment, you will be seeing this pairing of purple lighting, patterns, pintucks, crystals and acrylic on many an inspiration board in my office. Its simplicity speaks to me. Pair it with some ghost chairs and I'm a goner.

Or this minimalist beauty. So crisp, so clean, so monochromatic. I see tons of candlelight and a dry ice ice cream action station in my mind's eye - now how beautiful would that be?

French toast skewers, paired with an espresso bar. The perfect brunch combo. Need I say more.

What's inspiring you these days?

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  1. Everything is beautiful! The new Lilly Pulitzer line has me going a little crazy these days. :)


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