Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Those Summer Nights

(And yes, in my head, I sang this in my falsetto and I sounded JUST like Olivia Newton John.)

Well hellooooooooooo summer, I see we have decided to just bypass spring this year. With back to back days of over 80 degrees here in Nashville, methinks it is time to pull the swimsuits out of hibernation and deal with the fact that that it is about that time. Now I don't know about you, but I feel like I am entitled to buy a new swimsuit each summer, and I honestly and truly have the best luck at my beloved Target. Let us pause and pay our tribute to this wonderful jewel of a store...Maestro, cue the hallelujah chorus, please.

So imagine my delight when while browsing the store, I discovered this handy little dandy...(come on, you know the pink color is too cute - even for a non-pink wearer like myself).

Which got me thinking I should do some of this...

Because I'd love to have a garden full of these...

And definitely a few of these darlings...

That I can enjoy looking at while Mr. T does some of this on our fancy new grill (thanks, groomsmen! Not that any of you read my blog, ahem, Neil)...

While toasting my brilliant grillmaster of a husband with one of these after a long day's work...

Now that, my friends, is pure summertime perfection. Let the dog days begin.

How have you guys been enjoying this gawgeous weather?


  1. Love and hate your post - because there will be no swimsuit buying this year, no digging in the dirt (because of some weird bacteria pregnant women can get from soil and fertilizer), and no wine this Spring/Summer - wonk wonk...but, it will be so worth it in August, after trekking to Destin in July, 36 weeks pregnant, and not enjoying the sun, to have Miss Mary Emma here!

  2. All of this looks perfect to me! I totally agree that we all deserve a new swimsuit each Summer :) I will have to check out the new Target options soon. I definitely want a garden full of those tulips too, gorgeous!

  3. So cute! LOVE summer! I think its ok if you purchase 2 bathing suits a summer, if your spending the little money at Target ;)

  4. Sooo... TARGET (yes, I like to pronounce with my best fake french accent!) is one of my all time FAVorite places to shop! I'll toast with you to some of the best deals in town, YEAH TARGET! =)

  5. I totally want to do gardening... But I live in an apt... lucky you!


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