Thursday, April 8, 2010

Call Me! (aka my quest for the perfect calling card)

So I've decided the time has come for me to stop listening to the voice that tells me X amount is too much to pay for beautiful new calling cards and just bite the bullet and purchase some already. Besides, I love seeing things with my new married name on it. (Newlyweds, can I get an "amen" on that?) Every so often I'm finishing up after a work event or out and about around town and the subject comes up that I'm an event planner. And occasionally, folks mention their need (or a friend that has a need) for help in planning an upcoming party/shower/special occasion/etc. So now I'll have a fancy new card to whip out and share!

Here's the problem...hel-lo, there are so many beauties out there! I found some on Etsy that I fell head over heels in love with, and then, as luck would have it, discovered they were way more expensive than my most expensive pair of shoes! Worth it? Maybe. Gonna do it? Possibly. Will I get a headrush when I see how awesome they turn out? Totally.

Any suggestions on other places to look, my lovelies?


  1. I have a calling card fetish. No lie. I spent way too much money on my calling cards, but I love them. They are Crane's. Chocolate Brown and robin's egg blue. I'll have to show you sometime! :) Girl, get you some fabulous calling cards!

  2. try my sister-in-law's website, she does custom whatever you want - you just tell her and she'll do it, send her a pic of what you like and she'll give you a good price! :) but her stuff's more trendy and casual and less classic like some of the pictures you have up there, so it may not work. worth a try though! :) good luck!!!


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