Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh Sunshiney Day

Now that spring is timidly beginning to tiptoe around Nashville, I've got one subject on the brain. Patio Furniture. When we moved in our house back in September, we (and by we I mean Mr. T) decided to hold off on purchasing any outdoor furniture, to give us plenty of time to do our research and not make an impulsive decision. Now I for one am just fine with impusliveness, be it the new sundress I must purchase on the spot at Blush because summer is on its way and they have my size and if I don't get it right now I may miss out on this wonderful opportunity to have all my girlfriends say "where did you GET that darling dress?", but out of respect for my then-fiance and now-husband, I decided it was one of those battles I would choose not to pick. So as soon as March got here, I had the eye of an eagle out at every store in a 60 mile radius that sells patio furniture. And P.S. if you're thinking Mr. T's Patio is the place to go, don't waste your time. We were lured there by the promise of a "clearance sale" banner and were quite disappointed to find upon arrival that there was nary a bench, chair, or table under a grand. Now I'm all for quality furniture, but the stuff will get rained, sleeted, snowed and hailed on, so let's not be silly.

So after I finished up a work event yesterday and walked in the door to kiss my husband on the cheek, I asked him to pretty please run a little errand called "let's see what Target has to offer" in the way of patio furniture. And I must say, they have a cute little conversation set that caught my eye. However, I did some online research and found trusty ole Wal-Mart has a VERY similar set for $100 less. And I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger. But first, cast your vote. Would you want to sit down with me and have a glass of sweet tea on my front porch in this cute little set? I mean, the ottomoans store themselves. That makes my foot-propping self very happy. :)
Happy Spring!


  1. I think they are perfect! I love how you can store the ottomans, such a great idea. I say go for it :)

  2. Pretty pretty! Love the storage feature!

  3. Oh Emm Gee! I LOOOOOVE that adorable little patio set! I am so jealous of your patio!! Ahhh. When the weather gets warmer, that will be the perfect place to sit back and have a couple drinks...*hint hint*. (Do you like how I just invited myself over for drinks?!)


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