Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Favorites: The Details

Goodbye, longest week EVER and hello WEEKEND! So I've chosen this fabulous Friday to post a few of my favorite "detail shots" from the wedding. We just got our proof album back from the photographer with over 500 photos, and while some are a bit repetitive (there are about 25 of me in the chapel just after our first look where I am posed in almost exactly the same way) there are some jewels in the mix too. Here are a few of my uber-favorites:

OK, I must admit - I seriously loved my shoes. They were the perfect shade of ivory but a little plain, so I jazzed them up with feathers centered around a beautiful pearl broach - which were actually a pair of earrings I found at Francescas! I got the gel insoles (a wise investment) and danced the night away!

I thought the perfect compliment to the girls' dresses would be a fun clutch they could use that night and everafter. So I commissioned a lovely lady out of London (shoutout to my girl Emma Gordon - check out her Etsy site to see all her creations) to design these satin handbags, and personalized them by having her stitch my maids' initials into the lining - a sweet touch! My bridesmaids wore midnight blue, so their bags were silver with a blue flower, and my junior maids wore platinum, so their bags were reversed!

Here are Stacy and Candice showing off their clutches in the Bride's Room at the chapel, just before showtime. Thanks to my other photographer, Marcie, who was on camera duty!

My beautiful bouquet, compliments of Caprice at The Enchanted Florist. Peonies make my happy, so naturally, that is what I chose for my happy day. They had an ostrich feather cuff to make it a bit more "wintry," and a glam-tastic vintage broach that I found at a shop in DC.

A close up of the aformentioned broach (again taken by Marcie). Isn't it fun?

Simple white feather wreaths on the chapel doors. Do you see a theme developing here? I just LOVED the idea of using them - they go along with the winter decor so well!

For the decor in the chapel, I envisioned lots of candlelight and a clean, simple arrangement of flowers . Nothing fancy, because the chapel itself is so gorgeous, I wanted it to take center stage. I loved this candlescape at the altar table. We garnished with magnolia leaves as a nod to my southern roots!

Love this shot! My maids carried lanterns in lieu of bouquets, which were lit up with lamp oil to give a soft glow. Total cost for all six? $70! That is the cost of one single bouquet, people!

Loved my bistro table arrangements! They really glammed up the reception in an unexpected way. Caprice added the crystals for a gorgeous last-minute touch - she is genius, I tell you.

Pinecones, silver manzanita branches, and more candlelight on a January night = perfect!

The coffee bar - complete with coffee stirrers that say "To Keep You Warm and Toasty" and a fun end of the night treat - donut holes!


  1. Your shoes are to die for! And I love those tall centerpieces!

  2. I met Caprice at a bridal show a few weeks ago and fell in love with her-- I had no idea you used her, but it sounds to me like I def need to setup a meeting with her... I am 100% incorporating feathers too and you pulled it off beautifully!!! Can't wait to see more pics

  3. OMGosh... that is AWWWsome that you 'jazzed' up your shoes like that! I just love them!!! =)

  4. Looooove the shoes! What a clever little idea! :)

  5. i am GUSHING over your use of FEATHERS! love love LOVE!!!

    happy weekend pretty girl, enjoy that new beauty of a car of yours ;)

  6. Gosh I loved your wedding. The feathers were my fav :)

    p.s. someone has a birthday coming up...

  7. Your wedding was beautiful and you had so many unique ideas. Especially loved the lanterns and clutches for you bridesmaids!

  8. LOVE your shoes!!! And I agree, I would have died without my gel insoles! Definitely a smart idea on your wedding day :)

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