Monday, February 1, 2010

Southern Girls Love Snow (and House Update)

At church yesterday morning (yes, that was the first time we ventured outside since proclaiming Friday a Snow Day at 1 p.m. and heading to our warm little home to enjoy it), the greeter had a nametag on that said "I Survived Winter Storm 2010." Now I know everyone thinks we are a little cuckoo here in Nashville for freaking out like we do over a few inches of snow, but come ON, it is just too much fun for those of us who never see it, and if we want to freak out and press our noses to the windows every five seconds to see how the world is transforming, then just let us have our kicks. This is probably the most snow I can remember seeing in years - maybe ever. We just never got much in Alabama, and if we did, it very rarely stuck around long enough to enjoy it. But I just LOVED this past weekend. It was so much fun for Mr. T and I to enjoy a lazy weekend, which included the following: a double feature Friday night where we watched "Dead Calm" (his choice, scared the daylights out of me), and "500 Days of Summer" (my choice, good indie film, but a tad bit overrated in my opinion), a gigantic pot of homemade chili with all the fixins' (Mr. T had two bowls and there was still enough to feed Dan the next day when he came over to watch basketball), a good house cleaning after the previous weekend of dogsitting, (and deciding that if we ever get a dog it has to be one that doesn't shed), a morning feast of Belgian Waffles using our new flip waffle maker (a must for every newlywed couple), a long, luxurious afternoon nap, a fantastic message and time of worship on Sunday morning, and capping it off with red carpet arrivals and a truly fantastic Grammys where Nashville represented well. Let me say it again: I love living in Nashville.

So here are a few photos that started with me wanting to document our house in the lovely snow, and ended with me getting a tad bit camera happy and taking some updated photos of our now decorated new home. We still have a few things to do, but it really feels like home now. And it most certainly is a sweet one. :)

Our cars standing guard to protect our house (the one in the middle) from the elements. Way to go, Quad and White Lightning!

There she is, up close! Such a sweet little beauty covered in snow.

Mr. T demonstrating how to fully enjoy a Snow Day.

Empty space converted to a candle haven

Media Room - not to be confused with what some call a Man Cave, due to my sneaky way of painting the room crimson red, in honor of my Crimson Tide allegiance

Downstairs bathroom, with our new etagere that Mr. T so handily put together. Also, the painting above it is courtesy of my mom.

A little "Roll Tide Roll" towel that was a Christmas gift and will be displayed throughout 2010, as is only appropriate to document the year we were National Champions. Also, the painting above of the coffee cup makes me smile - my dad painted it and was very proud of himself. So am I.

Our back deck! We got two grills as wedding gifts, so we will be grilling machines once it gets warm! The big guy is pictured here, but the other one is a compact size, perfect for veggies. Our little fire pit is also trying to get some love in this pic. We've only used her once but I hope to fire her up for our Super Bowl Party next Sunday.

This was taken for my mom, showing our beautiful new Vietri everyday china in rosso vecchio (red) and chiaroscuro (black). I know the cabinet needs more organizing, but it's a start.

One of my personal favorite parts of our house. Our under-counter wine cooler. It holds 40 bottles, has dual-zone temps, and is one of the best purchases we made.

Behold the stemware. Good thing we like to entertain...

The stairs leading up to our fabulous front loading washer and dryer. It truly makes doing laundry enjoyable. I'm not kidding.

Our guest room - a cozy little work in progress.

Guest bathroom in one of my fave paint colors - parsley!

And would you believe I found towels to match perfectly?

Our boudoir. Now you see our white summer bedding, tomorrow you will see our beautiful new graphite coverlet, that I convinced Mr. T we had to have at Target yesterday. It was half off and the last one - two signs it should not be passed up.

More of the master boudoir...

Master bath in baby blue with coordinating shower curtain. Natch.

His and hers sinks! A must for any bathroom clean freak.

And finally, our new furniture set up - this sofa from Z Gallerie is perfect for napping - two people can fit both laying on their backs! Oh and please ignore the doggy bed. This little guy came over to play.

Meet Nick. My god-dog and one of the sweetest animals on earth.

Oh, and this is his friend Berkeley. They spent Saturday with us. And as you can see, seemed to feel right at home.

So that's how we spent our weekend inside, and now you can see our humble abode where it was spent. Weekends like this just don't come around often enough, and I love that they make us slow down and enjoy our lives a little more. Hope you all loved Winter Storm 2010 as much as we did!


  1. the house looks great! nothing like decorating your first home!!

  2. OMGOODNESS love your house, you did a GREAT job decorating!

    love LOVE those puppies! i'm not sure i would've given them back ... :)

  3. I am loving your house!! That under the counter wine cooler-- ahhh, I am jealous!!!
    We are about to close on our house in Sylvan Park and I can't wait!!


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